Sunday, December 28, 2014

3 Awesome Things at Tessa Clogs!

First Awesome Thing: Glogg

    It was great celebrating this Christmas making turns on the fresh snow, in Blue Sky on Vail Mountain. The sky was bluebird in the morning and quickly turned into a flurry by the evening, leaving new deep powder for the next day. It was nice coming off the mountain and enjoying a nice warm cup of mulled wine. I had never tried Glogg before, and thought it would compliment the menu for my holiday party. We added some red wine, let simmer, then added some brandy, this simple and delicious mixture was a hit. Glogg is now my staple for cold weather dinners, and my go-to on these cold, snowy evenings.
Second Awesome Thing: Custom Jewelry
    Tessa recently dropped off some more items to add to the collection of hand stamped charms. I have been working on getting different combinations online, as well as individual charms to personalize your own jewelry. The hand stamped charms are created in Minturn, CO - the same spot that Tessa customizes her unique clogs. The ability to choose your own charms, made this a thoughtful and popular gift this holiday.
Third Awesome Thing: Sale Items
    We have just updated our inventory of sale items. Check out new markdowns from clothing brands, including Desigual, Van Deurs, and Asha. Clogs on sale include the popular Extreme High Red Lily Sandal and the High Heel Natural Cow.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gift Ideas at Swedish Clog Cabin- God Jul

We have just recieved a shipment of Swedish goods, just in time for the holidays! If you have never tried some of the treats in the store, you can also order them online. My favorite, Ballerina Cookies, are white and chocolate cookies, with hazelnut cream inside. Also, enjoy a warm glass of Glogg, a mixture of spices to add your favorite libation.Here are some gift ideas from the Swedish Clog Cabin.
Tomte, Dala Horse Cookie Cutter, Swedish Book, Glogg
     After recently moving, I decided to give myself a few things to make my home more välkommen. Eklund Linens, Dala Horse cookie cutters, traditional ornaments, and bearded Tomte figures add a warm touch. As stocking stuffers for my roommates, I am going to customize a charm bracelet, the charms are hand-stamped by Tessa in Minturn, Co.  Last year I gave my mom clogs, this year I will send her some new snap straps, a custom Dala Horse, and of course chocolate! Some Knee High Wool socks will keep me warm, and pair well with the Traditional Heel Stapled Clogs.
Snap Straps, Custom Dala Horse, Swedish Chocolate, Wool Socks, Black Oil Stapled Clogs

Have a Merry Holiday Season!
From the Swedish Clog Cabin Family


Friday, November 14, 2014

New Season, New Clogs, New Employee

We are beginning another chapter here at Swedish Clog Cabin / Tessa Clogs.  Snow is falling - about time - last week I was riding my bike - this week - 15+ inches of snow.  Loving it!

Vail Mountain opens on Friday, November 21 and we, Swedish Clog Cabin will then be open daily.

We welcome Julie aboard - she hails from MI and will be helping us out on weekends this winter.  If you are in the area stop by and say hi (and of course spend some money!)

Julie is wearing our Tessa Ultimate High Brown Oil Clogs

Sanita Sandra Boot-stone in waxed suede
Sanita Lara Boot-antique brown in full grain leather

We are receiving daily new product and we will be trying to keep this blog (which I know that sometimes we are lacking on) updated with what is new starting with these Sanita Boots. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celeb Favorite, Ultimate High Clogs, New Arrivals at Tessa Clogs

In my previous blog, Celebrities Wearing Clogs, you can see celebs wearing high heeled clogs. At Tessa clogs, she has worked to expand her Ultimate High clog collection, similar to the celeb favorites. The wood chosen for the sole was reconsidered for a more strong durable one.  She has added staples, similar to the clogs worn by models on the runway. Also, added to the Ultimate High collection, more colors and textures!

From Top: UH Pink Cow, UH Silver Pewter, UH Dark Brown, UH Fishscale

In my post, New Clog Member, I explain to you why I adore the Ultimate High Clog, and the story of my first pair. In addition to my powder blue Tessa Clogs, last winter I purchased a pair of Black Oil Ultimate High. With the first sign of sun, I broke out my new clogs and paired them with tights and a cream dress. For more inspiration, check out, How Do You Wear Your Clogs? It gives you a few ideas of how to get the most out of your clogs this season.

From Left: New Clog MemberUH Texture Orange, UH Hunter/Olive GreenHow Do You Wear Your Clogs?,
Brown and White CowCow on Acid,  Black OilBurnt Orange Cow

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Designs by Tessa at Tessa Clogs

When I met with Tessa to discuss what she was working on, she was eager to mention the fabric that she had bought. She described the different patterns and suggested how each one can compliment the other. I could tell the joy that Tessa was expressing would transfer into her skirts, known as Tessa Happy Skirts. This versatile skirt can be worn after a session at the gym, a class at the studio, or even at après; worn as something to throw over your base layer.Each skirt is unique and can vary slightly in length. The hem is set at a modest point, and the fabric choice compliments any body type.
Tessa Happy Skirt, Asha Clothing ON SALEAsha Skirt, Tessa Clogs at the Farmer's Market
Tessa’s Happy Skirt, is just one of the many distinctive items in the Swedish Clog Cabin. From the hand painted clogs, the straps, and Tessa clothing, Tessa’s talent shows through her many products. What I love about Tessa's designs is the personal touches of each item. In Tessa Hand Me Downs, each patch that is cut and then hand embroidered onto clothing. Just like the jeans, Tessa Hand Me Downs shirts, have the hand cut letters and patterns. Stay tuned to see the latest designs by Tessa.
Hand Me Downs; "I love Vail" Shirt, Skirt, and Embroidery on Jeans

- M

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Asha Clothing at Tessa Clogs in Vail, Colorado

Add some bold colors and beautiful prints to your wardrobe this summer! The Swedish Clogs Cabin just received the newest summer designs from Asha. The designer of Asha is friend of Tessa’s, and this summers collection looks amazing!
From top left: Pink Ruffle Dress, Southwest Dress,  Tropical Maxi Dress,
Patterns and colors, Molly Sandal, Blue Moa, and the Natural Ultimate High
Since working for the Clog Cabin, I noticed that one skirt kept selling out; the Barcelona skirt is cut at an appropriate length and it flares just below the hips. Similar to the denim traveling pants, this skirt looks good on any body type. My favorite of the new arrivals, the tunic dress, comes in three different colors. With embroidered high collars, in orange, pink or purple, these dresses have a great silhouette. The tunic dress looks great when paired with the Ultimate High Matilda sandals.
Asha Orange Tunic, Matilda Sandal, Pink Tunic,
and various tunic color options
Asha’s Padma skirt has tie-ups on the inside, so you choose between a long or shorter skirt. The bustle looks great and comfortable. The fabric is light, the colors are bold, and the prints are fun and lively.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Debut of new Ultimate High Sandals at Vail Farmers Market

Last weekend Tessa debuted this summers Ultimate High Sandal. The leather is softer, the wood in the sole is a bit more durable and the colors will compliment anything you have on. The Ultimate High sandal allows your foot to breath, while the high sole makes your legs look miles long.
Ultimate High Sandal
Check out the Swedish Clogs Cabin tent at both the Minturn Market (Saturdays 9AM-2PM) and the Vail Market (Sundays 10AM-3PM). Clogs, Natural Life, Desigual clothing, and much more marked up to 50% off.

Sale items at Swedish Clogs Cabin
Check out the newest designs from Desigual, Natural Life, Asha and Cream. This summer Tessa will be designing more of the popular and colorful skirts and Tessa Hand Me Downs. Check back soon for information on Tessa's Designs.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bikes and Clogs in Eagle-Vail, Colorado

Jeff in his Black Oil Mountain Clogs tuning
a GT Sensor Elite 65OB bike
   Clogs are nothing new to Eagle-Vail locals, Jeff and Dominique Mohrman, owners of Colorado Bike Service. Jeff has received a new pair of clogs almost annually, personally delivered by Chris Manning, for the last 8 years. As I took in the impressive inventory of their store, Jeff described his experience with clogs. When I asked him what a 29er was, he was nice enough to share his knowledge on bikes as well.
   When Jeff moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 1982, he realized something about the footwear of the locals--they were wearing wooden soled clogs. Determined to have the same comfort as his local friends, Jeff bought his first pair of clogs. He brought those clogs back to Colorado, and he was wearing them when he first met his wife Dominique. As most who move to Colorado and prefer to do something they enjoy more as a profession, Jeff worked part-time ski bum and part-time bike bum. After being frustrated with the lack of year-round bike shops, Jeff and Dominique opened their own store, Colorado Bike Service
Jeff's' preferred Black Oil Mountain Soles and my
Ultimate High Black Oil clogs

   Chris Manning, being the clog-wearing-biking enthusiast that he is, happened upon the bike shop, and it didn't take long for Jeff and Chris to come to an agreement. When Jeff's wooden soles were getting worn, he calls Chris, and Chris drops of a fresh pair of size 42 clogs. Recently, Jeff got a pair of the mountain soles ,which he prefers because the tread helps in the wetter season. 

  After Jeff's' clogs have retired, he lines them up on his stairs, all the way to his first pair he bought in Sweden. Curious as to how steps are lined with a pair of clogs? Ask Dominique or Jeff at Colorado Bike Service.

With spring season here, check out Jeff's preferred Mountain Sole Clogs. With summer just around the corner, check out Tessa Clogs sandals!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Clogs / Tessa Clogs and also Kask

I LOVE this photo -
Kask Ski Socks and custom painted Clogs - so COOL

I may not be a city fashion guy but I love the mountain lifestyle vibe that the clogs and ski socks portray.  This is us (well not in the photo but you get the idea) - working hard, playing when we can and wearing what works.
check out Kaj's clogs!
Kask - which started in the back of a van in 1996 by Sverre Liliequist  and Kaj Zackrisson, , has now evolved into a successful, growing company based in Sweden offering unique, cool looking clothing world wide. KASK clothing is designed for anyone who requires high quality, cool and functional gear. Wear it in the mountains and anywhere else you want to challenge your limits, in the skate-park or maybe at the dance floor.

With the end of the ski season nearing - we have put some of our Kask inventory that we have on SALE. 

Some hats - Heli, Martian - are no longer being made - get them now before they are all taken.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Classic - serving as a standard of excellence

simple, elegant, design, function, quality, beauty and test of time

Tessa Clogs in our Ultimate High - simple and elegant

Tessa Clogs in our Traditional Heel painted in our Red Malin Design - beauty and design staple for 20 years

Other ideas that I think of classics:  Campagnolo (Italian bicycle component manufacturer), Mora Clocks (Swedish grandmother clocks), Orrefors Intermezzo Blue (Swedish Crystal), Black Tux (Daniel Craig) and the Little Black Dress (Audrey Hepburn)

We here at Tessa Clogs believe in old-world values that make our products and service beloved by our faithful following that we are sometimes described as a soul instead of a brand.  In today's cost-cutting, outsourced business world this can be a bit of a problem for us.  As we all know, items made in China cost less then items made in the USA or in Sweden where our Tessa Clogs are manufactured.  

We continue to survive by targeting our customers that believe a product can be made in Sweden and sold at a fair price.  This is the opposite of the economic model that dominates in the United States right now - which is to use cheap, sourced out labor.  

We here at Tessa Clogs don't want to take over the world - we just want to make the best damn clog we can possibly make and be satisfied with a little profit and the end of the day.  This is how we have survived for almost 20 years now.  Get yourself a classic - Tessa Clogs

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Traditional Dala Horses

We have just received a assortment of new traditional Dalahorses, along with each horse came a letter describing the unique story of how these handcrafted gifts originated. I am more Irish than Swedish, but I found the Dalahorse story interesting and wanted to share with you.
" It was in the small log-cabins deep in the forests during the long winter nights in front of a log fire that the forerunner of the Dalahorse was born. Using simple tools , generally only a knife, toys were carved for the children. The fact that many were made was only natural, because the horses to them were invaluable. A trusty friend and worker who could pull great loads of timber from the forests during the winter months and in the summer could b just as much use on the farm.
In the older days the Dalahorse was mostly a toy for children, but nowadays it is a symbol for the kingdom of Sweden.. "  - Grannas A. Olsson
Photo Credit:

  It is a unique tradition and you can see the technique and careful attention given by each crafter to produce the Dalahorse. Tessa Clogs is proud to work with Grannas A. Olsson, the oldest company making Dalacarlain Horses.

Left to Right: Stuffed DalaHorse, Dala carving set

If you are interested in introducing this tradition to your younger ones, start by telling them the story and presenting them with a stuffed dalahorse, they will look forward to getting their own wooden one when they get older. For the more adventurous ones, a carving set, that allows them to create their very own dalahorse, under parental supervision. The Dalahorses come in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as limited edition Dalahorses that go fast. Check out our website or call us at (970)476-8083 to reserve these limited gifts.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

How do you wear your Clogs?

People often assume that Tessa Clogs can only be worn in the summer. Not only do I see local residents of Vail wearing them all year long, I often look online and see an abundance of people enjoying their clogs in the colder months as well. It is there on the pages upon pages of pictures that I look for my inspiration. It is right about this time, that I get annoyed with winter for limiting my wardrobe to pants, boots, and a coat. With the weather getting warmer, sometimes reaching up to the 60°, I want to celebrate. Although I do enjoy winter, I just love the summers here in Vail!
Some inspiring photos, Clockwise from top left: Man with cuffed pants and Brown Oil clogs,
Becky Black oil boots, Man in jeans and clogs, Brown Mtn Ski, Clogs with socks,
Wardrobe inspiration with Ultimate High, Black clogs with socks, Stapled clogs
 After grabbing my lighter clothes out of storage, I decided that today (with bluebird skies and a projected high of 40°) I would throw on some tights, a jacket  my cream slip dress and my pair of ultimate high stapled clogs. After coordinating it all with a pair of painted flower snap straps and my black Dala Horse necklace, I realized that it was I who had been limiting my wardrobe in the cold months.
Local Inspiration, clockwise from left; Tessa Manning in Van Deurs dress and Zoe boots,
Chris Manning in Black Clogs, Me in Ultimate high clogs,
Local in clogs, Svea in Nordic Clogs, Tessa in Ultimate High and HandMeDown jeans
Locals who have experienced the advantages of owning a pair of Tessa Clogs, are also my inspiration. I have sold clogs to many who just want something comfortable to slip on after they get out of their boots, and to take the dog out real fast. Something that they can walk around in all day running errands, wear to dinner as well as work. One of the most popular trends that I see is locals wearing their clogs and cuffing their pants. I am not sure why the pants are cuffed, nor do I think there really has to be a reason, it simply something that I see locals doing. Pairing their cuffed jeans with a puffy jacket and they are ready to go.
If you get stuck on what to pair with your unique clogs, just surf the web. You can find a way to wear them with tights, knee socks, cuffed pants, shorts, skirts.. well you catch my drift. You can continue to check out the blog for inspiration as well, previous posts by Chris Manning can inspire men who like to wear clogs and our website has Tessa Manning in some coordinated outfits with her hand painted clogs.
_______________________________________________________________________  Coming soon! Stay tuned to check out the newest designs and limited edition Dala Horses, visit our website or call (970)476-8083, to reserve these unique gifts.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tessa Clogs and Natural Life

The founder and CEO of Natural life, Patti Hughes, has a lot in common with Tessa Clogs owner Tessa Manning. They both had a knack for creating things and soon turned that into a business. Patti was influenced by her mother who would hand make gifts to sell to neighbors and friends. Once Patti found her interest in photography, she would print the pictures on magnets and make handmade frames. Soon she was selling her handcrafted items in stores including Tessa Clogs.
From Top left; Natural Life; Hemp BagLounge Pants,
Natural Life assorted itemsJewelry
Natural Life includes clothing, jewelry, accessories for the home, and gifts. "Give.Love.Laugh", the companies tagline is further described by Hughes in an Interview for FolioWeekly; "We make stuff girls love with a free spirit, style and love to inspire girls of all ages."
From top left: Natural Life; Assorted items, Camper Mug,
Apron tote, Wrist let
Natural Life's boho style accessories and clothing appeal to people of all ages. I noted this as I was at the register when an older women came in to purchase a Natural Life wrist let with a flower embroidered on the front. As I was ringing it into the register I mentioned it would make a great gift, was it someones birthday? "No", she replied, " I really enjoyed the flower and always seem to loose things in my purse, I think this one suites me just fine." A few hours earlier a young girl decided on that same wrist let to be her first purse to carry the few dollars she was allowed. Proof that Natural Life really is suitable for all ages!
From top left clockwise: Natural Life; Ski Charms, Assorted necklaces,
To inspire creativity, Tessa Clogs now carries Natural Life's stamped Charms. You can select a necklace, bracelet or key chain then add charms to customize it to your personal style. Charms that read, "Born to Ski", "Best Friends," "Soul", Skiing" and many, many more! Stop by the store so you can make your custom souvenir charm jewelry and to check out our other specialty items!


Friday, February 28, 2014

Real Men wear Clogs Part 2 - I wear Tessa Clogs

Footwear - we all need it and use it.  I wear Tessa Clogs - I truly believe that our clogs will help your body by giving you support for your legs, knees and back.

All I can say is that I wear clogs every single day and am standing in them for at least 8+ hours a day.  I have flat flat feet.  No arch what so ever - take a look -

Now before you say anything about my feet - I was born this way.  This is not a condition that developed - and please don't sent me any weird emails talking about my flat feet.

I am showing my feet and my issues because almost all of us have some inconvenience (I say inconvenience because this is not a problem - a problem would be cancer).  My feet do talk to me and cry a bit when I am do anything without support for my flat friends. 

I have run 100 miles at one time (Leadville Trail 100 in 24 hours and 30 minutes with over 18,000 feet elevation gain), ski, climb, bike, hike, 46 years old and when I wake up in the mornings after years of physical activity I am sore.  I pretty much have clogs on right after I get out of bed until this body gets back in bed at night.

Are Tessa Clogs going to work for you - YES.  BUT - lets get real and look at the general population - the ones that are not wearing Tessa Clogs.

The general public abuse themselves with: smoking, over eating, over drinking and buying shit they don't need - grow up - life is short, don't abuse it.  These are the same people that tell me they can not wear a wooden sole and need a comfort shoe with 4 inches of pillow.  I hear crap like this all the time - my feet hurt, my back hurts, my knees hurt, blah, blah, blah - I can't wear wooden soled clogs.

Maybe loose a pound - maybe exercise - I don't know, maybe those flip flops that give ZERO SUPPORT - are contributing to the plantar facatis that you are experiencing.  Really - try something new for you - give clogs a try and I don't mean just putting them on your feet, wear them for a month.  Let your body get used to them and your body will love them.

We believe that we have the most comfortable stylish shoes - clogs - that a person can wear on your feet.  Not only are they hand painted here in Vail, Colorado, USA (not in China), made in Sweden (not in a sweatshop in China) they are truly a unique shoe/clog that will make you stand out for the mountain style and the ear to ear grin of comfort.

I am feeling a bit angry today with those people that tell me that they can not wear clogs - well - I wear Tessa Clogs.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We live HERE

I am by no means bragging but stating a fact - WE LIVE HERE.  HERE is a place that many people visit all times of the year.  I always remind myself and family that many people make sacrifices to come and spend time in our beautiful little gem spot in the world.  If you take a peek at any social media sites - people are sharing their adventures of their vacation time in Vail.  We on the other hand just share our everyday adventure being that WE LIVE HERE. 

Ski with School Day
Part of our ordinary everyday adventure - our public school district for those in K through 8th Grade - get 2 days during the winter to ski Vail or Beaver Creek.  Pretty Cool

Svea trying on her Tessa Clogs
What is difficult for our friends and family to understand is that we make sacrifices to live here.  These sacrifices that we sometimes argue and cry over are forgotten when we are living our everyday adventure.  These normal for us activities include skiing POWDER!  How do you describe a rainbow to a blind person or how would you explain skiing powder to those that can not. 

One of the best quotes that I read religiously is by Dolores LaChapelle -
One can never be bored by powder skiing because it is a special gift of the relationship between earth and sky. It only comes in sufficient amounts in particular places, at certain times on this earth; it lasts only a limited amount of time before sun or wind changes it. People devote their lives to it for the pleasure of being so purely played by gravity and snow.

As Warren Miller would say - if you don't move to the mountain this year, you will only be one year older when you do. 
Tessa taking her lunch break - ordinary life

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Desigual Spring 2014, New Arrivals and Sale Items!

For those of who have visited our shop in Lionhead, or maybe some online shoppers, you might have noticed our inventory of clothing is unlike any store in the valley. Tessa has a great eye for unique styles from brands like Desigual, Van Deurs, Cream, Asha, Kask and several more. As I have mentioned before, Tessa Clogs is the only shop in the United States that sells the Van Deurs clothing line.
Clockwise from top left: Desigual scarf, Black Viky skirt (also available in pink),
Summer Pant, Panu Bolas Scarf,  and Desigual Bambobay Scarf
 Desigual is based in Barcelona, Spain; its philosophy is based on positive, tolerance, commitment and fun. For the first time, Desigual presented a show at the New York Fashion Week, it was the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. When I see someone hesitant about Desiguals bright prints, I tell them to try it on. Most of their products are made with a combination of cotton and viscose, so it helps show off curves but hides things you don't quite want to show off. It is too often that the person who originally hesitated, can not wait to show off what she has tried on. She will throw the curtain to the side and say,"I can't believe I almost didn't give it try", and then proceed to try on a skirt and a few shirts as well. Please browse through our new arrivals for Desigual, and also check out the new sale items.
Clockwise from top left: Kask Longjohn, Rider Yellow Ski Socks, Purple Heli,
  Crew Base Layer,  Pink Turtle, Black Calle socks, and Kask google 
For those looking for something reasonable to wear in the cold, Kask supplies us with bright crochet hats, merino socks and base layers. Founded in 2001 by two guys who really enjoyed making hats for their friends and family, Kask has transformed into making base layers, socks, and goggles, and they continue to develop new products.
- M

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sale, Life & Work

70% off Sale at Swedish Clog Cabin70% off Sale at Swedish Clog Cabin
 Our 70% off sale is still going on - we have sold about half of our sales items, act now before you miss out.
What I have a hard time with in making a Blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other type of public relation social media announcement is making one that is personal, humble, factual and at the same time trying to sell because I need to make a living but not seem like an bragging idiot. Do I accomplish this - I have no idea - so I do appreciate those that read and understand what we are trying to do.

For example - today - our kids had a snow day from school - big deal you say - well it is - in 35 years here in Vail, there have only been 2 snow days - yes, only 2.  The past 2 days or I should say 30 hours we have received over 30" of snow.  That is just crazy and for us snow farmers it is liquid gold.  So what do you do as a merchant living in a ski town - the 6" rule is in effect (6 inches of powder snow or more).  We worked both of these Powder Days but our work days started a bit later - instead of getting our store open at 10am we opened between noon and 1pm.  Did we loose any sales by not opening earlier - maybe but unfortunately I don't think so. 

I do have to say - yesterday skiing home to Minturn - was probably one of my top 5 ski runs ever.  Perfect powder snow, absolutely no tracks on an untouched mountain canvas where I put my line down for 1,500 feet where I aired a small cliff, landed and continued the run down to the river bed.  The picture is not me but as I try to express my self in words the photo may help to convey the feeling of skiing powder snow - freedom.

Life in the mountains - I would almost compare it to a ranchers or farmers life. It is a lifestyle that we truly love although it has proven to our family that we will never be driving a low mileage car* or even be able to save much money for our kids college tuition. We try to teach our kids that a life lived with a continual appetite for knowledge and physical activity is a life that will be rewarded with health and happiness. What else can we wish for?

How was this blog entry - I hope I conveyed that we do have a Super Sale going on and that this be acted on.  I let those know we do not have many snow days here in the high country and that powder skiing is addictive. 


*I am laughing inside as I type low mileage car - I almost want to say we will always own one piece of s**t car - Adam Sandler says it best - horrible language but a truly funny song - it is on youtube and imo is hillarious70% off Sale at Swedish Clog Cabin

Monday, January 27, 2014

70% off, It's a Magic Number

Swedish Clog Cabin items 70% off
we are overstocked at Swedish Clog Cabin and need your help!
NEW Tessa Clogs and Bracelets
Hand Made, Hand Painted - NEW Tessa Clogs and Bracelets 
Shamus and Svea
Shamus we miss you 2008-2013, Svea - you bundle of love welcome to our family
check out our sale - our below cost loss is your reward - stock up on some presents or gifts for yourself

do you remember School House Rock - 3 is a magic number - if you are longing to hear and see this again - this link will take you to youtube where you can watch the cartoon and 90's band Blind Mellon
Tessa Clogs New
We are embracing our Nordic roots with new Scandinavian Designs.  Our New Hand Made Tessa Bracelets mixes traditional Swedish Ribbon and Leather for a unique Scandinavian look, wear one or stack a few of the them together.  Our new Ski and Dala Horse Tessa Clogs designs will always make you dream about life here in the mountain.  So if you are not wearing Tessa Clogs and/or living in the mountains - as our friend Warren Miller would say - "if you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do" - so get your Tessa Clogs now.      
Tessa Clogs and Traveling
TSA security, long flights, swelling - wear Tessa Clogs, life is SO MUCH EASIER with clogs, take them off put them on .  Why deal with laces, buckles and normal boring shoes.   
Shamus & Svea
just truly sad, Shamus had to deal with the road of cancer and we put him down in December.  We had roughly one month of no pet therapy, but now Svea is family and that empty part of our lives is now filling back up. is the home of Tessa Clogs but also the home of Swedish Clog Cabin, our retail store in downtown Vail, just 100 yards from the Eagle Bahn Gondola.  Besides all the wonderful Tessa Clog choices we also have a super selection of Scandinavian clothes, food, books and gifts.
Thanks for reading and looking - Chris & Tessa Manning

Please check out our retail web site at for more news and information!



 Tessa Clogs / Swedish Clog Cabin 70% off SALE

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celebrities Wearing Clogs, Men Wearing Clogs, who wears clogs?

People often associate clogs as folkloric footwear, but some types of clogs are considered as fashion wear, such as Swedish clogs.
For similar styles, visit our site.
Photo Credit:
 You can spot many celebrities in these comfortable, yet fashionable shoes. From the Olson twins, Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus, to Sean P. Diddy Combs. Clogs aren't limited to the boho casual types, nor are they limited to one gender, or age, they are a versatile shoe that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Not to mention the many professionals who work on their feet all day, including chefs, doctors and nurses.
Clockwise from top left; Casual clog wear, Chris Manning wearing Black,
Model on Runway, Black, Male wearing clogs-street style, Brown Mountain Oil
Chris Manning, co-owner of Tessa Clogs and the Swedish Clogs Cabin, wears the clogs daily and swears by their reliable comfort and durability. Noting their aren't too many people who realize that Tessa Clogs also sells men's clogs, Chris dedicated a blog titled, "Real Men Wear Clogs". 

From top; Red Zin Decorative nail, Black Oil, Brown Oil Decorative Nail
From Karl Lagerfield, MaxMara, Chanel,  Louis Vuitton and many others, the stapled high heel clogs seem to keep appearing on the runways. Inspired by this trend Tessa has added decorative nails to her high heel collection. What a simple change can do to an already loved clog, the stapled high heels come in black and brown oil as well a oxblood or merlot color. Tessa clogs even contributed to a runway show in Sweden for Höllviken in 2011.
From top left; Snake Print, Brown Oil, Navy Blue Klara, Red Pirate. Brown Oil Becky,
 Tessa and Kids, Biking with clogs, Hiking with clogs, and climbing with clogs
Parents weary of their toddlers in clogs need to only look at Tessa and Chris' three children, who have grown up wearing them. The whole family lives an active lifestyle; camping, climbing, skiing, etc., and they can be found wearing clogs while participating in some of them. You can check out a previous post by Chris Manning regarding biking in clogs.

There you have it; celebrities in clogs, men wearing clogs, models wearing clogs, and toddlers and kids wearing clogs. If you don't believe that these are indeed stylish and comfortable, stop by the store and also check out our new arrivals!