Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The End is here

Skiing has come to an end - Vail ski mountain is now closed - a sad time for those of us that like to slide on the white stuff. You can definitely see that the town is a ghost town now. Now is the time to get projects done like cleaning and web site work. Not the most exciting stuff but it needs to get done.

I love skiing. There is nothing better. A ski day is a great day at work, it is a hug from your family, it is that nice bottle of wine, it is hitting that sweat spot on your tennis racket or golf club, it is life. Everybody - have fun, do what you love, life is short - enjoy.

I will leave you with the title from one of my favorite bands - the Specials - Enjoy Yourself, It's later then you think - the years go by as quickly as you wink,