Friday, January 22, 2016

Clog Pricing and Direct to Customer

Hello from Tessa Clogs Global Headquarters located here in Vail, Colorado.

We are 21 days now into 2016.  Snow continues to fall in our little town, life is good.  

Back in the mid 90's, we were one of the first companies to have a presence on line for clogs.  We would appear on every search engine on the first page.  Now when you use a search engine to find information out about clogs, we sometimes do not even appear but that of course depends on how you are trying to find us.  "Clogs" on google, I am not even sure if we show up, I gave up looking after page 5.  "Hand Painted Clogs" on google we appear on the 4 page but typing "Handpainted" we show up on page 1.
What I am getting around to saying is that there are a lot of places to get clogs on the internet.  Bad for us but good for all customers looking for some wonderful clogs.  As I say this, I am amazed at the prices that are charged from a lot of our competitors.  Don't take my word for it but let the search engines tell you.  We have always wanted you, our family of Tessa Clog wearers, to be able to purchase a hand made clog (that may or may not be hand painted) that is affordable.  We would love to say that our Tessa Clogs are available at every fine shoe store around but unfortunately that is not the case.  We do have a few retailers that carry our Tessa Clogs - thank you to them - but generally we are selling direct to you the customer.
What does this mean - you get a great Tessa Clogs at a wonderful price.  We do not need to mark our prices up to work out the extra distribution step that other companies have.  When you are shopping do not think that higher price means better - all it means is that the other companies have overcharged you.  Believe us - we have been making clogs for 25 years - we know what it costs to manufacture a clog.

I do thank all of you for your current and future support.  Wear your Tessa Clogs hard - we can always make more.

Hugs and Live Life

Tessa Clogs