Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hand Painted Tessa Clogs and the many unique things at the Swedish Clog Cabin

Tessa hand paints her clogs right here in Colorado. It makes them unique, more personal, and allows you to collaborate with her. If you are fortunate enough to Visit our store in Lionshead, or see us at the many Farmers Markets, you will notice how different our products are.
Some handpainted Tessa Clogs at the Vail Farmers Market.
There are bright colors and designs and inspiring quotes. Tessa tries to get items that are different from the many shops in Vail, and she even makes some of the items herself. She not only paints some clogs, she even assembles the Ultimate High Clogs, right at her kitchen counter in Minturn. She also cuts out and applies Tessa Designs custom shirts, as well as makes skirts. She hand stamps charms for necklaces, paints and sews Tessa Snap-Straps, and customizes ornaments. Check out our items online, at our store, or at the Vail or Minturn Farmers Markets.