Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Achilles and Wasp Stings - ouch

Hello - I know that it has been awhile. I hope that all of you readers are doing wonderful. Here at the Swedish Clog Cabin - I and Mrs. Clog are having foot / leg issues regarding stupid accidents with bicycles and wasps. I am now almost 4 weeks into an achilles tendon issue - I'm feeling better and better each day but still not 100%. My funny accident relates to a chainring (picture here) rolling accross my ankle. Doing too many things at once (carrying kids backpacks, scooters, and bicycle) I thought that I could roll my bicycle forward while also carrying everything. Well, somehow my bike started to fall but I managed to keep it rolling forward. While this happened, my foot/ankel somehow got under the chainring and I pulled the bike chainring right over my ankel. Not a big deal at the time, my mind was thinking I'll have a few puncture marks where the chainring went into the ankle but big deal. The big deal was where the chainring went over my achilles, it CUT IT. OUCH - I am just so happy that it was only about 30 to 40% that I cut. After 4 weeks I feel that I around 75 to 80% heeled.

Mrs. Clog was stung on the foot this weekend by a wasp. She was sitting on the couch and as she got up she screamed in pain. OUCH - What was that? As we looked on the floor we see a wasp laying around. Immediately we put ice on the bite and we thought all was OK until the next day. It is worrysome when you wake up and see that your foot looks and feels like a red, welted, itching like crazy football. We didn't worry too much at this time but the swelling was starting to move up into the ankle. After calling the hosipital it sounded like she was having an allergic reation but unless we see the swelling moving more up the leg we really did not need to go in. We could not believe that the nurse said it could take up to one week before the foot is normal again. What - a little wasp bite - just amazing. The bad thing is - we have a photo foot shoot tomorrow. We have called to reschedule and hope that it will not be a problem.

So that is the new news here in Lionshead.

Last weekend, if you happened to be visiting us at Swedish Clog Cabin in Lionshead you may have noticed the beautiful car parked out in front - a older Mercedes race car used in the 50's (I believe). If you love old vintage European Race Cars it was your Christmas in Vail last weekend. The Colorado Grand (http://www.coloradogrand.com/) finished their rally in Vail and parked their cars (over 70 cars on display) all over Lionshead.

I think the family favorite were some of the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" style cars from the 30's. I think the following picture is a 1936 Delehaye 135 S Competition. Some of the cars that were on display: Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Ferarri, Jaguar, Bentley, Osca and an Austin Heeley. If you love cars like this you need to check out the following site - http://www.autotourimages.com/galleries.htm and click on Colorado Grand 2008 to see some of the images.

Other news - Swedish Clog Cabin/Tessa Clogs will be in Kansas City at the Holiday Mart October 23-26 and we also will be in Houston at the Nutcracker Market November 13-16. Come visit us, try a pair of Tessa Clogs and then buy a few pairs for yourself and loved ones :-)!

thanks again for reading