Monday, July 27, 2009

Clog Guy - Where have you been?

Funny hats that people wear at party's in Sweden.
Sorry for not keeping update here. Where have we been - you may be asking. We have been busy - the month of June we were working in Sweden continuing to build our brand there. After getting back we have been a little over whelmed. Summer season for us in Vail starts on July 1st and is only busy until labor day. Unfortunately, our blog gets to be put on the back burner when we are running around so today is the day to sit down and get everybody updated.

Sweden was great and folks there are just LOVING our High Heel Moa Sandals (the link at left goes to a fun pair of Purple to show all the style we are talking about). Tessa Mimmi Clogs (are name in Sweden) are currently carried at over 20 stores throughout Sweden! How Cool is that! Besides the selling and manufacturing that was done on our visit, we also worked on a photo shoot and starting planning for our appearance at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair in August (which is happening soon). Besides working we also found time to play at the beach, celebrate some birthdays, went to amusement park and partied like rock stars for all the happenings: Mid Sommar, Hippie Fest, Craw Fish Festival, Mexican Night, etc.

Now in July, you can see us in Vail at Sweden Clog Cabin, in Minturn at our local Saturday Minturn Market and in Vail Village on Sundays at the Vail Farmer's market. So if you can not get to Vail or Minturn this summer, I guess that you will just need to order a pair of clogs through our web site.
thanks for reading