Wednesday, September 4, 2019

a new chapter for the ClogBlog

Wow - time flies as I sit here typing in to our ClogBlog over a year after our last entry.  Sorry for those of you that have been waiting.  

getting Tessa Clogs painted, April 2000
As many of you know - we have been in the "clog world" or clogerati (as writer Lauren Mechling deserves credit for coining the term) since the mid 1990's.  Back then we were in our mid 20's living the life working to grow Tessa Clogs and everything else a young couple does (buy a house, raise a family, argue a bit, etc.).  Originally, we imported our clogs from Sweden and would customize then here in the central mountains of Colorado - Vail/Minturn.  We opened our original store/warehouse in Minturn in 1998.  It was a small retail shop with a big warehouse (that was also our daughter's day care for her first year of life).  In July of 2000, we closed our store/warehouse in Minturn and opened up a new location in Vail, Colorado just 100 yards from the gondola.

Times Change and new Chapter Begins
closing the red door, April 2019

We are still in our beautiful mountain town but as you can all do the math, we are a bit older (still trying to live the life skiing as much as possible), have 3 kids that have almost moved on and made the decision in 2015 to manufacture all of our clogs here in the mountains.  Besides the decision to manufacture our clogs locally, we also made the decision to close our retail location in Vail in April 2019 (which was a good idea being our landlord has decided to knock down the building and "pave paradise and put up a parking lot" - well a new condominium building with parking).  The Vail Daily did a nice article on us -   So, we are back to Minturn where our factory has been since 2015.  Our retail is now more of a showroom after moving machines around to carve out a small space.

Things to look forward and onward to - more ClogBlog entries (at least more then once a year),  a new web site, sharing with all the lifestyle which we love and want you all to come to see yourself.  Living here at 8,000 feet can have it's challenges but it is truly magical and so are our Tessa Clogs.  This is what we and many live in.  Will our Tessa Clogs change your lives, no but it will put a smile on your face.  Cheers, Chris, aka, ClogGuy