Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tessa Clogs - Timeless, Comfortable and still Fashionable

I was born in the late 60's so my high school and college years where spent in the 80's.  Music, movies and fashion brands (and maybe to some extent drinks and food) in the long run tend to identify a time period.  The 80's for me was skinny ties, girl friends with the "Madonna" look, my big hair (when it wasn't shaved) and the music - Men at Work, Prince, the Police, the Cure, Flock of Seagulls, etc.

It is funny now when my kids have certain days where they dress up like they are from the 80's - dress up - how funny - for us from the 80's it was not dressing up - it was what we wore.  The funny thing is that the last time we were in Denver at the Park Meadows Mall - I happened to see quite a few women wearing what I would call the Flash Dance Look - a sweatshirt or shirt that looks ripped, stretched or way too big and is hanging low on the upper arm and not on the shoulder.  So maybe my skinny ties will be back in fashion once again.

Why am I reminiscing about the 80's – maybe because I just had a birthday or did a mountain bike race where I just got worked.  I don’t feel old but the fact came up when I had to apply for my new drivers license.  The woman working questioned me about my hair color, I said brown, she said grey – I won being that on my new license it does have brown but I will need to go back in 5 years – I’m sure then it will be grey.  

Thinking of the 80's and fashion made me contemplate my clogs that I wear daily and my fashion statement I make to others without trying - it is what I wear.  For us here at Tessa Clogs and all of our customers and fans – clogs are not a fade or trend – it is a lifestyle of comfort and fashion.  
classic steel single speed bike -
3 gears, sit, stand & push
I am not trying to make a fashion statement (but I am just like my 80's days), I just love the comfort that clogs give me for full days on my feet or for wearing right after I get out of all of my restrictive athletic footwear (ski boots, climbing shoes, biking shoes, running shoes, etc.).

Tessa Clogs has been a staple of the Vail Valley since 1996.  We are a truly comfortable, timeless, hand crafted and hand painted piece of wearable art made right here in Vail, Colorado.  Please, take some time a look at our web site - - give us a call or email, let us know what questions that you may have regarding fit.  We want to work with you and make sure that you get a timeless, comfortable Tessa Clog that will not be looked back as being retro but as being Mountain Culture wearable here, there and everywhere.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bikes, Clogs, Mountain Life Style and Misc Ramblings

See Tessa Clogs.  See Tessa Clogs on Bikes.    We like to Bike in Tessa Clogs.

This weekend in Vail is our Mountain Games - a celebration of outdoor sports, music, art and lifestyle.  We here at Tessa Clogs live that party every day riding to work with our clogs on.  Give it a try  - you don't need a Sofa Cycle on your bike to prove to people that you are a free spirit mountain loving person - just ride your bike and put a pair of Tessa Clogs on.  - Cheers