Sunday, July 6, 2014

Asha Clothing at Tessa Clogs in Vail, Colorado

Add some bold colors and beautiful prints to your wardrobe this summer! The Swedish Clogs Cabin just received the newest summer designs from Asha. The designer of Asha is friend of Tessa’s, and this summers collection looks amazing!
From top left: Pink Ruffle Dress, Southwest Dress,  Tropical Maxi Dress,
Patterns and colors, Molly Sandal, Blue Moa, and the Natural Ultimate High
Since working for the Clog Cabin, I noticed that one skirt kept selling out; the Barcelona skirt is cut at an appropriate length and it flares just below the hips. Similar to the denim traveling pants, this skirt looks good on any body type. My favorite of the new arrivals, the tunic dress, comes in three different colors. With embroidered high collars, in orange, pink or purple, these dresses have a great silhouette. The tunic dress looks great when paired with the Ultimate High Matilda sandals.
Asha Orange Tunic, Matilda Sandal, Pink Tunic,
and various tunic color options
Asha’s Padma skirt has tie-ups on the inside, so you choose between a long or shorter skirt. The bustle looks great and comfortable. The fabric is light, the colors are bold, and the prints are fun and lively.