Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, and praise to any and all Snow Days. We are open for skiing and having a blast. The snow is a bit on the low side for us snow farmers here in the mountains but we are having as much fun as possible sliding all over it.

If you have never been to Vail to visit us - this holiday period at the end of December is a great time to come out. Take a peek inside our front door; our shelves are filled with smiles and bright colors to make everyone's home a little like our home here in the mountains. Not only are Tessa Clogs perfect for every day but for me after a hard day skiing, getting the ski boots off and a pair of Tessa Clogs on is happiness for my feet and soul. We could make any place home, but have decided that home is here at 8,000 feet and our souls are happy every day we are playing in the mountains and wearing what we love and produce - Tessa Clogs.

When you do come to visit say hi to Hana. She has been helping us out since last June. She is a student at CU in Boulder and has been a wonderful help. If you have any question or need any help, Hana is over qualified to help. Plus - if you have any chemical engineering question - she can answer that for you also. Hana - thanks so much for helping us out and everything that you do.

Hugs to all - Plan your vacation to Vail - plan your visit to Swedish Clog Cabin - get yourself a pair of Tessa Clogs and live the life at 8,000

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hip Ski Towns: Vail, Colo.

How fun is this to see - on MSN.com and Bing Travel - Vail is mentioned as the hip place to go skiing plus Swedish Clog Cabin is one of 2 places to check out when you get to town - HOW FUN IS THAT

from MSN.com / Bing Travel

Which gets more celebrities, Vail or Aspen? Hard to say, though the better bet is Vail — it gets more of everything as the country’s largest ski resort. That goes not just for the 5,200 acres of pistes but for the shopping, which encompasses hundreds of stores, including such specialty purveyors as the Swedish Clog Cabin, which sells unique, imported Scandinavian goods and hand-painted Tessa Clogs. Spas are nearly as numerous; those in the know exfoliate and relax at the Arabelle or Aria Spas. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and fine dining — try the excellent Larkspur Restaurant — round out the area’s allure.

Need more ideas on things to do in Vail? See a full list of attractions.

HOW FUN IS THAT - hope to see you all in Vail!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running with the Waterboys and Spirit

I love to run - great way to get some cardio exercise and to clean up the cob webs in the head. It is always tough to get out the door but once you do, the run usually comes easy. Last night was the same, it is dark, cold and not looking forward to it but still forced myself to get the shoes, tights and head lamp on. Last night I actually grabbed our old Walkman as I headed out the door and see an old cassette of the Waterboys inside. This great band hailing from Ireland, Scotland and the UK was true motivation as I running up the trail from our house. Feeling pain, cold and wondering why the hell am I out here at night running by myself in the dark with a head light on - well this song says it all

Man gets tired - Spirit Don't
Man surrenders - Spirit Won't
Man crawls - Spirit flies
Spirit lives when Man dies

Man seems - Spirit is
Man dreams - the Spirit lives
Man is tethered - Spirit free
What Spirit is Man Can Be

thanks for reading

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall, Tessa Hand Me Downs & Clogs

This fall, get yourself a custom pair of Tessa Hand Me Downs. We create our Tessa Hand Me Downs from recycled jeans, colorful scraps of fabrics, beautiful ribbon, embroideries, paint and lots of imagination. Our jeans and clogs look fantastic together. It was a crazy summer with our retailers and also us having such great sales on Tessa Clogs and our Hand Me Downs. We are busy stocking up and creating more new designs for our clogs, straps and jeans.

Check out our new Tessa Ribbon Straps. These amazing Ribbons Straps are on a leather backing and will dress up your new or old Tessa Clogs.

Our Ultimate High Clogs and Sandals have been a great success this summer and going into the fall we have them available in 5 great colors: Nut, Black, Jean, Light Pink and a vibrant Red. Pair them up with our Ribbon Straps - just fabulous. - Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Business and Pleasure

After taking a quick peek at our Clog Blog - I notice that sometimes I do not even mention Tessa Clogs. Maybe that is because we try to revolve our life around family, play time and work. We truly love what we do and believe me, if you ever see us, our family is a walking billboard for Tessa Clogs. What brings us true joy is having this love and passion shine through in others that decide to make T
essa Clogs part of their lives. Melissa and Cory where married this summer and as you can see - her clog choice was perfect. With Cory's direction, we painted up a custom design featuring a Windmill. Just LOVE THEM - Melissa and Cory - thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding! Big Hugs!

We are always trying to conquer the world and get Tessa Clogs carried
at your local hipster, Scandinavian, fashionista boutique. So, for those of you that can not travel to Vail to get your Tessa Clogs, please, let us know your local store that should be carrying us. We love the idea of buying local, buying small, helping out the butcher, the baker, the candle stick maker and the Tessa Clog maker. As we
all know, it still is tough out there, if you can, do buy local. But, if you can not buy Tessa Clogs locally, well then come visit us in Vail. If that is not possible, you can call, 970-476-8083, email info@tessaclogs.com or check out our web site www.tessaclogs.com.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Alive and Kicking

I thought the great 80's song by Simple Minds would let you know that we are still here. I know it has been a long time since we have posted on our blog. I remember hearing just the other day that some people are having stress dealing with social media. Unfortunately that is not us - we probably need to have this stress issue which would then help us get blogs and facebook postings out.

What is new with Tessa Clogs, Swedish Clog Cabin and the Manning's - well it has been a busy summer. If you had a chance to be at the Falsterbo Horse Show this year in July - you will have seen our Tessa Mimmi Clog booth. We were in Sweden from around the middle of June to the middle of July. This is the third year we have been at the Falsterbo Horse Show, it is a wonderful place to see the worlds most beautiful horses and best riders. Plus we love the
great reception that our customers give us in
Sweden. Tack

Being an American married to a Swede, I love spending the summer time in Sweden. A Swedish Summer is the celebration of life - friends & family spending time together outside playing, singing, dancing, cycling, eating and just drinking in the memories.

I love this photo - Petra & Henrik

quality time with family and friends

wonderful dinner celebrating our best friends wedding anniversary - Grattis Johan and Mimmi

Tessa & Mimmi enjoying a picnic night at the beach

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Shipment of Ultimate High and Great Sand Dunes

We just received a container of Tessa Ultimate High Clogs and Sandals. They look fabulous - check out the photo to the right - Tessa Ultimate High Black Oil Clogs paired with our own Tessa "Hand Me Downs" Jeans. Our Ultimate High has a heel height of just over 3 1/2 inches - with these clogs in your wardrobe, you will swear that these are your most comfortable high heels that you own. We recommend that you take a look at our web site and place your order soon to guarantee you a size - www.tessaclogs.com/ultimatehigh.aspx. Besides the clogs - do check out the hand sewn designs on our recycled Tessa "Hand Me Downs" Jeans - do the green thing, wear fashion made by Tessa herself - www.tessaclogs.com/tessahandmedowns.aspx

Here is another shot of our Tessa Ultimate High in our sandal format. Jeans, skirt or shorts, our Ultimate High will look fabulous however you wear them. Sizes you ask, we have the sandals available from a women's 6 up to a women's 12, so we should have a size for just about everybody.

Besides the business of work we try to be as much involved with all of our children's activities. Well - our middle daughter had a climbing competition down in Albuquerque (which is about a 6.5 hour drive away - long car drive with 3 kids) where we just got back from. It truly was a gorgeous drive this time of year, tons of snow in the high country with the trees and grass in the valleys beginning to go green. On the way down south, we decided a side trip was in order to one of our National Parks - the Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado.

We are blessed here in the state of Colorado with many National Parks, Monuments and Recreation Areas. If you have time, please, take time to visit these places when you can. It is a wonderful experience to visit these areas and see the history - just wonderful. Getting back to the Great Sand Dunes - I can only imagine that this is what the deserts in the middle east must be like - mountains and mountains of sand - a giant sand box! We made some great memories here and will leave you with a photo to tempt you all.

have fun, do what you love, life is short - enjoy Tessa Clogs

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The End is here

Skiing has come to an end - Vail ski mountain is now closed - a sad time for those of us that like to slide on the white stuff. You can definitely see that the town is a ghost town now. Now is the time to get projects done like cleaning and web site work. Not the most exciting stuff but it needs to get done.

I love skiing. There is nothing better. A ski day is a great day at work, it is a hug from your family, it is that nice bottle of wine, it is hitting that sweat spot on your tennis racket or golf club, it is life. Everybody - have fun, do what you love, life is short - enjoy.

I will leave you with the title from one of my favorite bands - the Specials - Enjoy Yourself, It's later then you think - the years go by as quickly as you wink,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tessaclogs hits the catwalk in Sweden

Here comes some pics from Höllviken Sweden were Tessa Clogs were shown off at a Fashion Show at the end off March.

The Ultimate High Sandal looks great with shorts and skirts alike.

Bright Yellow patent in our Moa Sandal and every little princess dream , gold sandals

Ultimate High Clogs in the color Nut

The Ultimate High sandal looks beutiful on and accentuates your legs

Spring is in the air !

Gold Mimmi Sandal a classic for little girls

Mimmi Sandal in silver and green

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Swedish Clog Cabin - HQ for Tessa Clogs WorldWide - steps from skiing

Check out Swedish Clog Cabin - our retail location in Vail, Colorado of our Tessa Clogs - you can get an idea how close we are to Vail's ski slopes - cheers

Monday, March 7, 2011

Magic, Wholesale and Lifestyle

We or maybe I should say Tessa and Malin went to the Magic Platform Show in Las Vegas and came back from the show with some new customers. We are always trying to spread the word of Tessa Clogs around the USA by going to shoe show but it actually works best for our customers to tell their local businesses. Tell your hip local stores to give us a call so they can begin to sell Tessa Clogs. We always enjoy our customers that are able to visit us in Vail but not everyone can make it out here to visit. So for those that live where I spent my childhood, Omaha, Nebraska, we would ask that there must be some store in the area that needs a wonderful shoe line to sell. So tell them about us here at Tessa Clogs.

At the Magic show we were showing off our new Spring, Summer and Fall 2011 Tessa Clogs. We are very exited about offering our Ultimate High Sandals and Clogs in a range off new nubuck and pull up colors. If you take a closer look at our Ultimate High, you will now see a more refined stylish look with our decorative nails. Another new model to check out is our Tessa Lena High Heel Peep Toe. This model had a great reception at the Magic Show with many orders being placed. This is a great sandal for those that want a high heel for every day or more dressed up occasions. As always, we have our Tessa hand painted clogs in new designs - this is a classic staple that everyone should have at least one pair in their closet. For all of our wholesale accounts, if you would like to try some of our Spring styles or need to reorder for an April delivery, we would need an order by next Wednesday, March 9th. We always want to guarantee deliveries, but the only way we can do that is to make sure that we have a warehouse full of what you want and need. Let us know if you want more information regarding incentives about new orders and also our Tessa Snap Straps trial packs.So please, take a look at your inventory, look at some of our new exciting models and leather and get in contact with us. We would love to help you put an order together. Let us know how we can help.

We want to leave you with a picture take a few months ago by our middle daughter who is 9 years old. It was a cold day skiing but the mountain was absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FINALLY - A NEW ENTRY, Frustrations, Hair Cut and Magic

Hello Everybody - sorry for taking way to long to get another entry into our blog. We were hesitant to get an entry in being that we wanted to get the design of this blog similar to our new web site. Well - finally after a few days of work, we were able to make something similar to our current web site.

Speaking of new web sites - after 9 months of part time work on it, we are close to being able to say we like it and are complete. You may have noticed that we have an information side (that has wonderful designs with some slide shows playing) and also our shopping side. After getting the site up live in October/November, we recently noticed that our site visits where less then years previously. But being busy with work and family at the holidays we did not look into it too much. The middle of January after the holiday rush, we sat down and finally noticed that search engines were not finding us! Ouch! After a 12 year presence on the internet and having just about every search engine find us, we were now completely unfindable in the www world. What Happened!

Long story short - accidental decisions that we and our web designer made, changed our old shopping cart address with over 200 pages on it from a tessaclogs.com address to a new address. Makes sense, when we made the information part of our web site, this was now at the tessaclogs.com address and only having 14 pages vs. previously having 200+ pages. We are just venting - change is always difficult with us because of situations above. But if you are not changing and evolving, you will not make it in this world. So, if you are reading this, great, you found us - so thank you.

Hair Cut - probably not a big deal, but I, Christopher Manning of Swedish Clog Cabin / Tessa Clogs of Vail, have had hippie hair for around 20 years. Looking back, it was just easy. I never had to get a hair cut, when I did, usually a friend would trim it up for me. Tessa, my wife, always liked long hair so I never had any reason to cut it. If you knew me in my first 20 years of life, being a swimmer, I always had short hair. Why the change from short to long to short? Well what do all of us guys do, we try to make ourselves attractive to women. If my wife likes long hair, well, I'll just keep it long . After 20 years, I started to think maybe it was not the long hair any more. So, on a bike ride from Swedish Clog Cabin to our home in Minturn, I pulled off the bike path to a local barber. Here is the new doo -

We are headed again to the Platform Shoe Show taking place during the Magic fashion exhibit which is the foremost global gathering of fashion brands and industry insiders. This is the second time we are exhibiting at it. If you are a retail store looking for a fantastic line to bring in to you store please stop by, say hi and while we are at it, we can write up an order of Tessa Clogs for your store.

With the new look of our web site we are also trying to get with it and go social. We are now on facebook and you can find us by search for Tessa Clogs - this is all new to us so if you do not find us - we will try to help you.

thanks for reading -