Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running with the Waterboys and Spirit

I love to run - great way to get some cardio exercise and to clean up the cob webs in the head. It is always tough to get out the door but once you do, the run usually comes easy. Last night was the same, it is dark, cold and not looking forward to it but still forced myself to get the shoes, tights and head lamp on. Last night I actually grabbed our old Walkman as I headed out the door and see an old cassette of the Waterboys inside. This great band hailing from Ireland, Scotland and the UK was true motivation as I running up the trail from our house. Feeling pain, cold and wondering why the hell am I out here at night running by myself in the dark with a head light on - well this song says it all

Man gets tired - Spirit Don't
Man surrenders - Spirit Won't
Man crawls - Spirit flies
Spirit lives when Man dies

Man seems - Spirit is
Man dreams - the Spirit lives
Man is tethered - Spirit free
What Spirit is Man Can Be

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