Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter, Last Ski Day, Cancer and Projects

As I look for photos of what to share, I wonder what do people want to know. I sometimes think that work and life is a little like a Seinfield episode, lots of laughs living daily but trying to describe usually makes no sense or sounds boring.

Normally we would be spending the day on Easter Sunday getting out on the slopes and enjoy the last few days the moutain is open. Well, this year, Easter Sunday brought with it RAIN. If you have ever skied in rain you know that these days are not usually very fun ski days. We went up the day before in the same conditions and came down the moutain absolutely soaking wet inside and out. So, being that we did not want to deal with this again, we decided to have a relaxing Sunday spent inside eating, decortaing Easter eggs and working on our annual family Easter Egg hunt. Our hunt is a little like a scanvenger hunt being that you need to work your way around the house, finding clues that lead to more clues until you can find the actually hiding location of the BIG EGG filled with candy. So we do not go around looking for hard boiled eggs but act like a detective to find a paper mache type of egg that is loaded with candy. The kids LOVE this.

Last Ski Day - a great day. Family time spent sliding. When you look at old photos of skiing, you tend to always see families together. Skiing really is a family activity. I can not descibe in words the feeling of euphoria that one gets spending time together outside in the snow. It is life changing and Tessa & I are proof of that as we made our way to the mountains years ago and have not looked back. The last day was absolutley packed with partiers but we kept our space from them as we stayed on the other side of the mountain. Our last run of the ski year, picture this, fresh groomed snow that looks like cordoray, no one around, skiied the entire way down to Lionshead and did not see a sole. Just the 5 of us smiling and wishing that the season wasn't ending today.

We just finished working on a cancer awareness Tessa Clogs Snap Strap. We made this for a local charity event - First Descents Ball. First Descents provides whitewater kayaking and other outdoor adventure experiences to promote emotional, psychological and physical healing for young adults with cancer. What is beautiful about this organization is to bring the love of the mountains to those that are dealing with cancer. Check out there web site that I linked above. 25% of the sales of our Tessa First Descents Awareness Clogs is being donated back to First Descents.
Peace and Hugs to all

Friday, April 10, 2009

the End is Near

I'm not trying to be biblical but our ski season is near the end: last day to slide is Sunday, April 19. If you go back to past April posts - this is always a sad and happy time of year. This season brought many GREAT MEMORIES (friends visiting, some incredible power days, our kids starting to rip it up on the mountain, etc). We always hate to see the lifts stop running, but, if you are energetic there is always skiing to be found, you just now need to earn your turns (hike up with skiis to get the turns on the way down).

With Ski Season ending our Store Hours will be shortened. If you do not get ahold of us, just leave a voice mail and we will get back right away to you.

Thanks to all of you that came out to visit us at Swedish Clog Cabin in Vail this winter and all of you that made orders on line. We do appreciate it. For those of you that stopped by our store that live in Europe, you can still get more Tessa Clogs from our partners over in Sweden - Tessa & Mimmi Clogs.

We just LOVE our Kask hats and everything about the company. If you own a Kask hat you know (your in the club so to speak) what we mean. If you take a peek at our site with our Kask hats we are running out and do not plan on getting more until next ski season. So order now otherwise you are going to have to wait.

It is a little sad and I do not have the entire story, but our ULU Boots - , which we just love and WAS based in Paonia, Colorado has been bought by the Merrell Corporation. I do not think that they have any more operations in Colorado which is really too bad. With this said - we have all of our ULU Boots on sale for 30% off.

Great News- we have two new employees at Tessa Clogs - Patti and Ana. Next time you call you might be talking with these great ladies and they will be happy help with your questions. You may also want to check out our New Tessa Clogs, we have made a few Snap Strap packages. You buy one Tessa Clog and you get your choice of 3 Straps. Pretty Cool - again if you are not familar with our Tessa Snap Straps check out our high quality video (HA!) below.