Friday, February 12, 2010

Magic - working with your spouse and Valentines Day

Check out the new logo - pretty cool!

I'm finally sitting down to get something in the blog - maybe because I'm trying to procrastinate something else on my list of things to do. Writing for me is a little hard, I need to be in the mood for it which is not often. Heck - we finally got our Christmas cards out this year after missing folks for the past 3 years.

Coming up - Magic - the foremost global gathering of fashion brands and industry insiders - Tessa Clogs will be an exhibitor here. So things around Tessa HQ have been hetic to say the least. It has actually been so crazy that when I went in for a physical (1st one in 10+ years) our doctor said that I had high blood pressure. Our doctor asked if maybe I have been stressed lately and I said well - we got a big show coming up and I'm a little wound up about that. Long story short - my bp is normal, doctor is happy but it has been a little high this month because of stress.

Getting back to Magic - we are not sure what to expect but are hoping to shoot the stars. Clogs are super hot in Europe this Spring so for those that love Tessa Clogs - we are thinking that buyers accross the country should be taking a look at us and checking out all that we have to offer - Snap Straps, High Heel Kates, Hand Painted Clogs from Vail, Colorado, and on and on. If you will be in Las Vegas attending the Magic show, please stop by and say hi. Even more, how about writing up and order with us!

Working with your spouse with Valentines Day approaching. How do I suprise the wife with flowers and a special gift (more on the gift in a later blog) after just having a rip roaring disagreement about work. Not really sure but I guess that I'll have to flip the switch to husband mode and get out of the stubborn employer my way or highway atitude. So if anybody may be reading this, say another owner/wife of Tessa Clogs - Happy Valentines Day - Jag Alskar Dig!

Also speaking of Valentines Day - don't forget about our Silver Heart Clogs. Yeah, it is already to late to order them for Valentines Day but being late with another gift is always OK.

I want to leave you all with a photo of the family - peace