Sunday, December 8, 2013

Clogs Made in Sweden, Handpainted in Vail!

As the gift giving season starts consider this; how many of the gifts that you give are made in China?India?Mexico? What about something made in Sweden? Better yet, something in Vail, Colorado?
Swedish Christmas Stocking
I recently gifted my mother a pair of Tessa Clogs Black High Heels with the snap-strap. The clogs are made in Sweden, and hand painted by Tessa in Vail,Colorado. I am relieved that every holiday I can just send her a new pair of straps and maybe include some Cream leggings or Desigual printed socks. Recently added to the snap strap inventory are hand painted holiday themed straps, and hand painted Black High Heel Clogs.
Left to Right:
Black Christmas in Vail ,Black Vail Mountain ,Black Oil High Heel
Black Oil Lucia ,Black Christmas extrawide
For my sister who has been eyeing my mom’s new clogs, a pair of clogs for herself, some glӧgg, and Lele hand knit and embroidered hand warmers. I wasn't sure what glӧgg was when I first started working at Tessa Clogs last year, and as Christmas was approaching I noticed that it was flying off the shelves. Glӧgg is a mix of spices that you typically add red wine too, or for a non-alcoholic version you can add fruit juice. Glӧgg is great for something to sip on while sitting around the fire reminiscing or getting to know new people.
Glӧgg Concentrate ,Lele Love,Heart Arm Warmers
For my brother I will have to give him an assortment of Swedish chocolates, Ligonberry jam and of course chocolates. You can never go wrong with chocolates and at Tessa Clogs we have plenty of it! Caramelized almonds in milk chocolate, dark chocolate drizzled over whole hazelnuts, caramelized pistachio nuts in dark chocolate, caramel with a touch of sea salt, mint with milk chocolate, Lindt, Marabou, and of course an assortment of Toblerone.

Lastly, I will get myself that beautifully embroidered pillow; it is embroidered with bright threads on velvet fabric in pink, green, purple and dusty blue, and finally the Van Deurs tunic. Tessa Clogs is the only store in the United States that carries the Van Deurs line. Both the dress and the tunic would look great with some leggings and boots (check out Tessa’s Van Deur outfit here).
Van Deurs Tunic ,Beige Velvet Pillow

If you want to avoid the crowd visit our website, or come into the store and any one of the friendly associates here at Tessa Clogs can help you. I know what I am giving this holiday season, do you?


Friday, November 22, 2013

We LOVE Winter!!!

First off - I am sorry for not keeping all of our fans aware of what is going on in the clog blog world.

Second - Winter is Here!  Vail Ski Mountain is now open for the 2013-14 ski season.  We will not be making it up on the slopes for a few more days but it is a holiday today for those that can.

Speaking of Holidays, they are right around the corner - we are sending out today a new email with wonderful goodies - if you are not on our email list - sign up here and/or send us a quick note at to let us know you want our latest news.

Swedish Mountain Fashion
My Colorado Mountain Ladies
Our family above is sporting items that can all be found at our store in Vail at Swedish Clog Cabin or on line @  Tessa is wearing a new line by a Danish company called van Deurs (we are the only store in the USA carrying this line) matched up with our Brown Oil Boot Zoe.  Our oldest daughter is wearing a Natural Life T-Shirt paired with our High Heel Leopard Clogs.  - Our middle daughter is wearing our Brown Mountain Malin Clogs with a Tessa Designs Top and Skirt (made and designed here in Vail, Colorado).  Our youngest daughter is wearing a Mimi & Maggie Dress  (Tabitha Peasant Dress) and our Blue Zoe Clogs.

Sad news - our lovely Berner - Shamus - has cancer - so his experation date is sooner than most.  He is in great spirits but the tumor on his jaw makes him look like junk yard beast or the Cujo clone.  The photo below is from back in September and he is still looking close to normal.  We are giving him all our love, prayers and hope but not sure how much longer we will have his company. sucks

Thanks so much for reading.  I will leave you with a taste of my Halloween costume that I wore at a black light climbing competition - I actually won the award for best costume (and not my climbing).  Cheers

Friday, July 19, 2013

they're here - Tessa Extreme High - Red or Natural

July is and has been a busy month for us:  kids out of school, Vail and Minturn Markets going strong, shipments arriving, visitors back in Vail shopping and spending money keeping our store, Swedish Clog Cabin hopping.  The only problem is that some folks would say our house is a mess, we might say it has that lived in look.  Oh well, if something has to sacrifice while we are busy it will be the housework.  On those hours where we have time off, we would rather be spending it with the family playing outside then inside trying to clean.  So for those that have the same issue with that "look" in the house - just explain to others that you are going for the "lived in" feeling. 

Speaking of shipments arriving - they are HERE - our Extreme High Red or Natural Lilly Sandal.  They look and feel FABUOLOUS.  We only have enough inventory for the summer so put your order in now to guarantee you a pair.

Extreme High Natural Sandal Extreme High Red Sandal
Cheers for reading and happy summer!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tessa Clogs - Timeless, Comfortable and still Fashionable

I was born in the late 60's so my high school and college years where spent in the 80's.  Music, movies and fashion brands (and maybe to some extent drinks and food) in the long run tend to identify a time period.  The 80's for me was skinny ties, girl friends with the "Madonna" look, my big hair (when it wasn't shaved) and the music - Men at Work, Prince, the Police, the Cure, Flock of Seagulls, etc.

It is funny now when my kids have certain days where they dress up like they are from the 80's - dress up - how funny - for us from the 80's it was not dressing up - it was what we wore.  The funny thing is that the last time we were in Denver at the Park Meadows Mall - I happened to see quite a few women wearing what I would call the Flash Dance Look - a sweatshirt or shirt that looks ripped, stretched or way too big and is hanging low on the upper arm and not on the shoulder.  So maybe my skinny ties will be back in fashion once again.

Why am I reminiscing about the 80's – maybe because I just had a birthday or did a mountain bike race where I just got worked.  I don’t feel old but the fact came up when I had to apply for my new drivers license.  The woman working questioned me about my hair color, I said brown, she said grey – I won being that on my new license it does have brown but I will need to go back in 5 years – I’m sure then it will be grey.  

Thinking of the 80's and fashion made me contemplate my clogs that I wear daily and my fashion statement I make to others without trying - it is what I wear.  For us here at Tessa Clogs and all of our customers and fans – clogs are not a fade or trend – it is a lifestyle of comfort and fashion.  
classic steel single speed bike -
3 gears, sit, stand & push
I am not trying to make a fashion statement (but I am just like my 80's days), I just love the comfort that clogs give me for full days on my feet or for wearing right after I get out of all of my restrictive athletic footwear (ski boots, climbing shoes, biking shoes, running shoes, etc.).

Tessa Clogs has been a staple of the Vail Valley since 1996.  We are a truly comfortable, timeless, hand crafted and hand painted piece of wearable art made right here in Vail, Colorado.  Please, take some time a look at our web site - - give us a call or email, let us know what questions that you may have regarding fit.  We want to work with you and make sure that you get a timeless, comfortable Tessa Clog that will not be looked back as being retro but as being Mountain Culture wearable here, there and everywhere.

Type InFashion under discounts and coupons at check out and get 20% off all full price Tessa Clogs until the 15th of July - thanks for reading

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bikes, Clogs, Mountain Life Style and Misc Ramblings

See Tessa Clogs.  See Tessa Clogs on Bikes.    We like to Bike in Tessa Clogs.

This weekend in Vail is our Mountain Games - a celebration of outdoor sports, music, art and lifestyle.  We here at Tessa Clogs live that party every day riding to work with our clogs on.  Give it a try  - you don't need a Sofa Cycle on your bike to prove to people that you are a free spirit mountain loving person - just ride your bike and put a pair of Tessa Clogs on.  - Cheers 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

End of the World/Season SPECIAL and we feel fine (well a bit sad)

that's great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane - Lenny Bruce is not afraid - do you know the song that we are humming to above - yes - R.E.M.s - It's the End of the World - I like this version from a favorite band of mine - Great Big Sea -

This is a posting that has been here before - the end of the ski season - the beginning of spring - the sadness and happiness associated with it all.  I went up for about 2 hours skiing around the mountain today and it was by no means a great day (dust on crust - or a little bit of powder on top of ice chunks) but it was lovely to be sliding around. 

To the few of your that read our blog - get your butts out to Vail to visit and play.  We are open year around and the spring and fall is where we have some GREAT DEALS.
End of the World/Season SPECIAL
End of the World/Season SPECIAL
As our End of the World/Season SPECIAL we will share with the public all of the new Cream and Desigual Clothing that just came in for Spring at the end of our ski season.

When you buy any full price Desigual or Cream clothing brands your 2nd piece is 50% off.  So not being a math wizard my daughter said - why don't you just give 25% off to everyone right away (wow she is quick) but my point is to move some inventory.  This special will only run through the end of April 2013.  We will do the same on clogs - buy 2 full price pair of Tessa Clogs, the first pair will be full price the 2nd pair will be half price.  At check out time just put in the notes "April Special" and we will make sure that you get the discount that you deserve.

Cheers all and Happy Spring and may everyone have snowy powder day dreams!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Real Men Wear Clogs

I've been selling Tessa Clogs for almost 20 years and it always amazes me when folks walk into our store, Swedish Clog Cabin and say we only sell kids items (or women items, or _____ items).  I like to pride ourselves that we really do have something for everybody - and that includes Tessa Clogs.  They are not only for women and children - I have been wearing them ever since meeting Tessa back in 1993.  I will still always remember tromping around on Vail Mountain back in 1994 and folks asking me wear I bought my clogs and I would tell them I can get them a pair.

So ladies, men, folks from Nebraska (I'm making fun of my home state) - yes, men can rock a pair of clogs.

A Pair of Clogs and Jeans that fit just Right

if you agree, have a drink with me - real men wear clogs
Being the owner and clog guy, you will catch me wearing many of our different styles, leathers and hand painted designs.  My favorite has to be my trusty plain black pair which I will wear for work and play.  The whole point of this blog - men - get a pair of clogs.  Your feet will love you. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Viking Boots from Norway ON SALE

Hello from Swedish Clog Cabin / Tessa Clogs.  Happy February!  It is snowing and we need to get rid of some Viking Thermo Boots from Norway

As we are looking at inventory in our store we see that we have some WONDERFUL Thermo PU boots made for the cold and north of Scandinavia.
The main advantages of Viking Thermo boots are:
  • Millions of microscopically small air bubbles in the material provide high insulation and guarantee warm feet.
  • 100% PVC free
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • No seems or joints
  • Biodegradable
  • No cracking of the material
  • Nordic last

I believe that we are the only ones in the USA to carry these boots.  The remaining inventory that we have is all 35% off.  The big boots are $99.95 (orig $149.95) and the smaller boots are now $$45.95 (orig $69.95).  Don't wait - these are not only for winter but also for the raining months in the spring and fall. 

Peace from the Mountains - may your dreams be filled with snow - heaps of snow - and if you do not want the snowy dreams - send it our way!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Swedish Clog Member

My name is Molly McCabe and I am the newest member of the Swedish Clog cabin family. I enjoy the atmosphere that this little shop creates and the opportunity to work in one of the few shops in Vail that are locally owned. I got introduced to traditional swedish decor, tales (I had no idea that Pipi was Scandinavian), the different food, and of course the range of chocolate!
I also work at the Antlers at Vail, a condominium rental property. When guests are looking for a particulair place to buy something unique or get special gifts for someone, I like to recommend this little shop located in the corner of Lionshead with the red handpainted door. Tessa's clogs are a staple to locals and returing guests, who come by each time they are in town and pick out one of Tessa's latest hand painted designs.
Ultimate High Clogs

My first clog purchase was a couple of summers ago. My boyfriend, Daniel and I were heading up to the gondola when I spotted the ultimate high clogs. Before Daniel could pull me away I was imagining how these would compliment my long legs and the outfits that were never complete..until now. Finally I broke down..well I actually got Daniel to break down, and get them for me. I love these clogs! They come in a range of different colors and of course make your legs look amazing. I wear mine with shorts, skinnies, flares, pants rolled-up, pants rolled-down, long skirts, short skirts..they are basically compatable with any lentgh or fit. I really like the snap-strap detail on them, it allows you to change the band to make the shoe like a different pair. We also have the Ultimate High in as sandel in wonderful bright colors; orange, bright red, turquoise.

Different Coloras and Snap-Straps
To shop this style visit our website HERE.