Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Real Men Wear Clogs

I've been selling Tessa Clogs for almost 20 years and it always amazes me when folks walk into our store, Swedish Clog Cabin and say we only sell kids items (or women items, or _____ items).  I like to pride ourselves that we really do have something for everybody - and that includes Tessa Clogs.  They are not only for women and children - I have been wearing them ever since meeting Tessa back in 1993.  I will still always remember tromping around on Vail Mountain back in 1994 and folks asking me wear I bought my clogs and I would tell them I can get them a pair.

So ladies, men, folks from Nebraska (I'm making fun of my home state) - yes, men can rock a pair of clogs.

A Pair of Clogs and Jeans that fit just Right

if you agree, have a drink with me - real men wear clogs
Being the owner and clog guy, you will catch me wearing many of our different styles, leathers and hand painted designs.  My favorite has to be my trusty plain black pair which I will wear for work and play.  The whole point of this blog - men - get a pair of clogs.  Your feet will love you. 


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