Friday, January 31, 2014

Sale, Life & Work

70% off Sale at Swedish Clog Cabin70% off Sale at Swedish Clog Cabin
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What I have a hard time with in making a Blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other type of public relation social media announcement is making one that is personal, humble, factual and at the same time trying to sell because I need to make a living but not seem like an bragging idiot. Do I accomplish this - I have no idea - so I do appreciate those that read and understand what we are trying to do.

For example - today - our kids had a snow day from school - big deal you say - well it is - in 35 years here in Vail, there have only been 2 snow days - yes, only 2.  The past 2 days or I should say 30 hours we have received over 30" of snow.  That is just crazy and for us snow farmers it is liquid gold.  So what do you do as a merchant living in a ski town - the 6" rule is in effect (6 inches of powder snow or more).  We worked both of these Powder Days but our work days started a bit later - instead of getting our store open at 10am we opened between noon and 1pm.  Did we loose any sales by not opening earlier - maybe but unfortunately I don't think so. 

I do have to say - yesterday skiing home to Minturn - was probably one of my top 5 ski runs ever.  Perfect powder snow, absolutely no tracks on an untouched mountain canvas where I put my line down for 1,500 feet where I aired a small cliff, landed and continued the run down to the river bed.  The picture is not me but as I try to express my self in words the photo may help to convey the feeling of skiing powder snow - freedom.

Life in the mountains - I would almost compare it to a ranchers or farmers life. It is a lifestyle that we truly love although it has proven to our family that we will never be driving a low mileage car* or even be able to save much money for our kids college tuition. We try to teach our kids that a life lived with a continual appetite for knowledge and physical activity is a life that will be rewarded with health and happiness. What else can we wish for?

How was this blog entry - I hope I conveyed that we do have a Super Sale going on and that this be acted on.  I let those know we do not have many snow days here in the high country and that powder skiing is addictive. 


*I am laughing inside as I type low mileage car - I almost want to say we will always own one piece of s**t car - Adam Sandler says it best - horrible language but a truly funny song - it is on youtube and imo is hillarious70% off Sale at Swedish Clog Cabin

Monday, January 27, 2014

70% off, It's a Magic Number

Swedish Clog Cabin items 70% off
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NEW Tessa Clogs and Bracelets
Hand Made, Hand Painted - NEW Tessa Clogs and Bracelets 
Shamus and Svea
Shamus we miss you 2008-2013, Svea - you bundle of love welcome to our family
check out our sale - our below cost loss is your reward - stock up on some presents or gifts for yourself

do you remember School House Rock - 3 is a magic number - if you are longing to hear and see this again - this link will take you to youtube where you can watch the cartoon and 90's band Blind Mellon
Tessa Clogs New
We are embracing our Nordic roots with new Scandinavian Designs.  Our New Hand Made Tessa Bracelets mixes traditional Swedish Ribbon and Leather for a unique Scandinavian look, wear one or stack a few of the them together.  Our new Ski and Dala Horse Tessa Clogs designs will always make you dream about life here in the mountain.  So if you are not wearing Tessa Clogs and/or living in the mountains - as our friend Warren Miller would say - "if you don't do it this year, you will be one year older when you do" - so get your Tessa Clogs now.      
Tessa Clogs and Traveling
TSA security, long flights, swelling - wear Tessa Clogs, life is SO MUCH EASIER with clogs, take them off put them on .  Why deal with laces, buckles and normal boring shoes.   
Shamus & Svea
just truly sad, Shamus had to deal with the road of cancer and we put him down in December.  We had roughly one month of no pet therapy, but now Svea is family and that empty part of our lives is now filling back up. is the home of Tessa Clogs but also the home of Swedish Clog Cabin, our retail store in downtown Vail, just 100 yards from the Eagle Bahn Gondola.  Besides all the wonderful Tessa Clog choices we also have a super selection of Scandinavian clothes, food, books and gifts.
Thanks for reading and looking - Chris & Tessa Manning

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 Tessa Clogs / Swedish Clog Cabin 70% off SALE

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celebrities Wearing Clogs, Men Wearing Clogs, who wears clogs?

People often associate clogs as folkloric footwear, but some types of clogs are considered as fashion wear, such as Swedish clogs.
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 You can spot many celebrities in these comfortable, yet fashionable shoes. From the Olson twins, Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus, to Sean P. Diddy Combs. Clogs aren't limited to the boho casual types, nor are they limited to one gender, or age, they are a versatile shoe that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Not to mention the many professionals who work on their feet all day, including chefs, doctors and nurses.
Clockwise from top left; Casual clog wear, Chris Manning wearing Black,
Model on Runway, Black, Male wearing clogs-street style, Brown Mountain Oil
Chris Manning, co-owner of Tessa Clogs and the Swedish Clogs Cabin, wears the clogs daily and swears by their reliable comfort and durability. Noting their aren't too many people who realize that Tessa Clogs also sells men's clogs, Chris dedicated a blog titled, "Real Men Wear Clogs". 

From top; Red Zin Decorative nail, Black Oil, Brown Oil Decorative Nail
From Karl Lagerfield, MaxMara, Chanel,  Louis Vuitton and many others, the stapled high heel clogs seem to keep appearing on the runways. Inspired by this trend Tessa has added decorative nails to her high heel collection. What a simple change can do to an already loved clog, the stapled high heels come in black and brown oil as well a oxblood or merlot color. Tessa clogs even contributed to a runway show in Sweden for Höllviken in 2011.
From top left; Snake Print, Brown Oil, Navy Blue Klara, Red Pirate. Brown Oil Becky,
 Tessa and Kids, Biking with clogs, Hiking with clogs, and climbing with clogs
Parents weary of their toddlers in clogs need to only look at Tessa and Chris' three children, who have grown up wearing them. The whole family lives an active lifestyle; camping, climbing, skiing, etc., and they can be found wearing clogs while participating in some of them. You can check out a previous post by Chris Manning regarding biking in clogs.

There you have it; celebrities in clogs, men wearing clogs, models wearing clogs, and toddlers and kids wearing clogs. If you don't believe that these are indeed stylish and comfortable, stop by the store and also check out our new arrivals!