Friday, January 31, 2014

Sale, Life & Work

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What I have a hard time with in making a Blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other type of public relation social media announcement is making one that is personal, humble, factual and at the same time trying to sell because I need to make a living but not seem like an bragging idiot. Do I accomplish this - I have no idea - so I do appreciate those that read and understand what we are trying to do.

For example - today - our kids had a snow day from school - big deal you say - well it is - in 35 years here in Vail, there have only been 2 snow days - yes, only 2.  The past 2 days or I should say 30 hours we have received over 30" of snow.  That is just crazy and for us snow farmers it is liquid gold.  So what do you do as a merchant living in a ski town - the 6" rule is in effect (6 inches of powder snow or more).  We worked both of these Powder Days but our work days started a bit later - instead of getting our store open at 10am we opened between noon and 1pm.  Did we loose any sales by not opening earlier - maybe but unfortunately I don't think so. 

I do have to say - yesterday skiing home to Minturn - was probably one of my top 5 ski runs ever.  Perfect powder snow, absolutely no tracks on an untouched mountain canvas where I put my line down for 1,500 feet where I aired a small cliff, landed and continued the run down to the river bed.  The picture is not me but as I try to express my self in words the photo may help to convey the feeling of skiing powder snow - freedom.

Life in the mountains - I would almost compare it to a ranchers or farmers life. It is a lifestyle that we truly love although it has proven to our family that we will never be driving a low mileage car* or even be able to save much money for our kids college tuition. We try to teach our kids that a life lived with a continual appetite for knowledge and physical activity is a life that will be rewarded with health and happiness. What else can we wish for?

How was this blog entry - I hope I conveyed that we do have a Super Sale going on and that this be acted on.  I let those know we do not have many snow days here in the high country and that powder skiing is addictive. 


*I am laughing inside as I type low mileage car - I almost want to say we will always own one piece of s**t car - Adam Sandler says it best - horrible language but a truly funny song - it is on youtube and imo is hillarious70% off Sale at Swedish Clog Cabin

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