Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tessa Snap Strap™

We have been working long and hard on our new Tessa Snap Straps™.

Sorry for not posting for such a long time.

Life is revolving right now around family and work. We at Tessa Clogs have been spending A LOT of time working on our new Tessa Snap Straps™ (developing, producing and marketing). It is such a COOL IDEA - you can have one pair of clogs and a few diffent straps. By being able to change the straps on your clogs, you are able to change the look. It is just SO MUCH FUN!!!

Click on the video above to get an idea of the concept and please feel free to call and/or email to ask us more about our Tessa Snap Straps™.

We hope to in the next few days to get many more strap options up for everybody to see. What is difficult to show on line with our Tessa Snap Straps is all the options possilbe. We can make just about any Tessa Clog® into a snap strap. If you have any idea of a clog that you want and some straps that you want and do not see it on line, please let us know. We can make it.

We would love to get a pair of Snap Straps on your feet and would hope that we can get our Tessa Clogs available for you locally. The best way for Tessa Clogs to keep growing is for you folks to keep spreading the word. Let your local stores know about our brand and to ask them to bring us in. That way you can try your Tessa Clogs on locally and support these vendors.

Thanks again for listening and we do apologize for being late with the blog this month, oopps - it looks like we missed February 08 entry so we will need to do a double entry this month - stay posted