Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carolina - thanks again for your wonderful help!

If you have called us here this winter there is a good possibility that you may have talked with Carolina. She just left us on Monday to head back to school in Argentina. Wow - we are really going to miss her. Besides the wonderful job in the store, on the phone, working on the computer to manage our web site she is just the nicest person one could meet and have the opportunity to know. Carolina - if you are out there reading, we miss you and hope that your path in life will bring you back to Vail next year. Cheers to all of your future endeavors!!!!! Love Chris & Tessa

We have put some new Tessa Snap Strap Clogs on our web site with a package price. Check them out - NEW Tessa Clogs. Here is a sample of the ones on our web site. It is a photo of our Brown Oil Victoria Snap Strap that includes 3 straps! Just a recommendation to those that are thinking about ordering Tessa Clogs - read our blog. The previous entry has some information about specials that we are offering on our web site. Sorry - I am not going to make it easy for those of you that have not been keeping up with the blog - heck - I can not believe that we have 2 entries in our blog within one week. What could be next - maybe we will get our Christmas cards out - I guess we can call them Easter Cards this year! Hugs to all - Carolina - again - thanks for working with us this year!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Overwhelmed, Thank You and Free Shipping

Does anyone ever feel overwhelmed at times? Wow – I just started typing different words in to search engines and see that there are LOTS of different companies selling clogs. Overwhelming, Wow! We do understand that there are many choices where one can buy clogs, we want to personally thank all of you that have bought Tessa Clogs either here in Vail, at one of our many retail partners or on line. THANK YOU – we really do appreciate it. I’m not sure if this photo is really appropriate but I am giving a toast to all of you that have supported us over the years. Plus – you maybe have wondered what I look like – (I’m the guy on the right and my good friend Johan is on the left).

Other news – Huggalugs – these things are the coolest. Plus the owners who live in Australia are the most down to Earth people you can meet. We have only talked with them on the phone but it would be so fun to meet them and their family. Huggalugs are leg and arm warmers for kids (then even fit small adults!). With the fun colors, they are such a great compliment for boys and girls. With a skirt, with a short sleeve “T”, heck, I was even thinking these may be perfect for biking in the morning when it is cold. They are such a fun compliment for your kids wardrobe.

If your reading and thinking about ordering something, type in – pripps – (just the 5 letters – pripps) when you come to a screen that is labeled DISCOUNT CODES AND GIFT CERTIFICATES and you will get free shipping. I have set this up until the end of March. For those out there that do not know – Pripps is the name of our 12+ year old Bernese Mountain Dog and also the name of a beer in Sweden.

We want to leave you with a image that we thought was funny. One of our kids crawled into our kennel and of course the others wanted to join too. Shamus, our 4 month bernese, wanted to join in too but he could not get the door open. So - lets just try to crawl on top. Peace, Hugs and Good Times to all of you that are reading.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends and Vacation

Mentally - we are back to work now selling Tessa Clogs like crazy - or at least trying too. Ski season here in Vail is a little slower so hense we are not selling Tessa Clogs like we have been in the past. SO - give us a call, buy some clogs!!!!

Above I mention that we are now mentally back at work - I say this because one week ago our close friends and partners in Sweden, Fam Gullberg, had to head back to Sweden after a 2 week vacation here in Minturn, Colorado. While they were here we were on vacation also (at least it sure did feel like it - good company, good food, good times and also a few bottles of wine were had). How nice it is to feel like your on vacation when your at home. For two weeks, we balanced family, work and play so well and we already miss it. To Johan, Mimmi, Emma and Måns - we really miss you guys and had such a WONDERFUL TIME when you were visiting. We so look forward to seeing you in the summer!

What is new at the Swedish Clog Cabin / Tessa Clogs. We have some new styles for you to check out: Peace & Hope, Victoria and Carolina. I like all of them but really enjoy our new Peace & Hope design. With the stock market tanking, friends and family loosing jobs, loosing houses, bad times everywhere - it really is a time for peace and hope. Here as we look at our numbers, unfortunately we are down. There is not much that we can do about this except to keep preaching the word of clogs. Our family has been dealing with the down turn of the economy with getting out on the skis and spending quality time together: laughing loudly while the grins go ear to ear. Keep smiling and having fun. Hugs from Colorado!