Sunday, April 5, 2020

a NEW and a new world - wow

screen shot from
We opened up our new to the public on Thursday, April 2.  We still have a lot of work to do on it but realized it truly is so much better then our old site that we decided to cut the ribbons and open the doors.  Best comparison is like building a house and you need to get moved in and will get it all fixed up over time.  

We want to thank everybody for showing us your love!  We are all in this together.  Big Virtual Hugs to everybody.

The Manning family wishing everybody happiness and health.  

Also - Svea wanted to say hi and remind us to keep washing those paws.

Chris, Tessa, Axelina, Amalia, Aiden & Svea

Friday, January 31, 2020

end of January 2020 - still not used to typing writing 2020


How long does it take to get used to the new year?  Rambling here but still - 2020?  I was just getting used to 2019,  2020 just seems wrong and I'm feeling a bit mature as I type this new year.  Our first and oldest daughter will be 21 this 2020 - what...…., where did that time go.  I still remember carrying her in my arms like a person may carry a football.  This was our first so just couldn't believe that a new born baby can be so small.  Now, it only makes sense right - a 7 pound little precious, well for daughters 2 and 3, I had a little more experience.
working on Southwest Women's Oncology custom clogs
You all know, we make our Tessa Clogs right here in Minturn, Colorado.  Here is a shout out to Southwest Women's Oncology, Dr. Karen Finkelstein, Gabriela Gonzalez and entire staff.  You folks are the best!!  We made 24 pair of custom clogs for these fabulous professionals.
Southwest Women's Oncology

OK - we have had our same web site for a LONG time.  It is well - old and tired (maybe looking and feeling like myself on a day or two).  I wish that it was a classic and timeless site but that is not the case.  If you are actually reading this blog - "good on ya" - besides the web site changing, our prices will be changing also.  So - get your Tessa Clogs soon and save some dough.
working copy of NEW

Speaking of dough - I've been trying to be the baker here in the mountains of Colorado.  I'm loving it but that does not mean my bread is turning out.  My objective has been to make the perfect sour dough loaf - hard crust with a chewy interior.  I have had many² failures.  I promise you, when I get that perfect loaf, I will be taking a photo and sharing.  This whole process is definitely harder than say making chocolate milk or mac & cheese from a box.  I know my main issue - we have a cold house.  Today is trial number, well, many² so today I've been using a heated cooler to try and keep a warm environment.  We will see it that works and I'll let you know.  Any tips appreciated.

addendum:  02/05/20 - sourdough is looking good - family says it tastes good also

Besides getting used to 2020, making a new web site and baking bread - Tessa has been teaching me to make clogs.  I am still the super novice apprentice but hoping that within the year I will have made one from start to finish.

What else can I share that will be on the webosphere for ever - how about a couple of photos of us in our happy place.  Cheers all - Clog Guy