Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Shipment of Ultimate High and Great Sand Dunes

We just received a container of Tessa Ultimate High Clogs and Sandals. They look fabulous - check out the photo to the right - Tessa Ultimate High Black Oil Clogs paired with our own Tessa "Hand Me Downs" Jeans. Our Ultimate High has a heel height of just over 3 1/2 inches - with these clogs in your wardrobe, you will swear that these are your most comfortable high heels that you own. We recommend that you take a look at our web site and place your order soon to guarantee you a size - www.tessaclogs.com/ultimatehigh.aspx. Besides the clogs - do check out the hand sewn designs on our recycled Tessa "Hand Me Downs" Jeans - do the green thing, wear fashion made by Tessa herself - www.tessaclogs.com/tessahandmedowns.aspx

Here is another shot of our Tessa Ultimate High in our sandal format. Jeans, skirt or shorts, our Ultimate High will look fabulous however you wear them. Sizes you ask, we have the sandals available from a women's 6 up to a women's 12, so we should have a size for just about everybody.

Besides the business of work we try to be as much involved with all of our children's activities. Well - our middle daughter had a climbing competition down in Albuquerque (which is about a 6.5 hour drive away - long car drive with 3 kids) where we just got back from. It truly was a gorgeous drive this time of year, tons of snow in the high country with the trees and grass in the valleys beginning to go green. On the way down south, we decided a side trip was in order to one of our National Parks - the Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado.

We are blessed here in the state of Colorado with many National Parks, Monuments and Recreation Areas. If you have time, please, take time to visit these places when you can. It is a wonderful experience to visit these areas and see the history - just wonderful. Getting back to the Great Sand Dunes - I can only imagine that this is what the deserts in the middle east must be like - mountains and mountains of sand - a giant sand box! We made some great memories here and will leave you with a photo to tempt you all.

have fun, do what you love, life is short - enjoy Tessa Clogs