Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Desigual, New Web Site, Friends and Family

Hello Clog World Family and Friends

We just got in a bunch of winter clothing from a company called Desigual. They are having a big push in the USA right now so you may have seen it but if not we are working on getting it on our web site. You can check out the Desigual that we are carrying here. We are using our youngest daughter to show this cute black tunic - the cost on this is $54 and SUPER CUTE as you can see. Desigual carries clothing for boys, girls, men and women - it is hip bohemian Swedish fun. We know - yes - it is from Spain - but with the look - we need to give it an honorary title of Swedish - hope that is OK with eveybody.

We are working on a new web site - take a peek here. We started this project back in May 2010 and will have it up and running in the next few weeks. It is a lot of work but will be worth it. I will ask in advance for patience being that when it does go live I'm sure that we will be having some bugs and problems that will need to be fixed. The hope is to have a more fresh and fun web site that shows the lifestyle that we have and live here in the mountains of Colorado and beaches of Sweden.

GREAT NEWS - our wonderful friends and partners from Sweden - Fam Gullberg - are coming out to stay over the Christmas Holiday. If they get a chance to read this - we need your wish list so get them sent in! In this photo, we see that Tessa and Mimmi do not always work but do take some time to have fun. We will definitely get photos up here on the Clog Blog with the future adventures of the Swedish/American MinturnHoliday 2010-11. Stay tuned

On Labor Day - our family took a couple hour hike up the mountain (round trip it was close to 4 hours) to a place called Fancy Lake. A gorgeous day with great company (besides the little complaining, scraped knees and tears) and beautiful views. This hike is in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area. All girls made it up the hill with LOTS of Jelly Beans for fuel (and bribes). We kept telling the little ones that this is just training for a future trip to Disney World. If I remember correctly - Disney World is a lot of walking so lets get them in shape now or at least for the ski season.

thanks for reading and hope to hear or see from you all soon!