Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Family, Friends, Working, Playing and Living Life

on top Mt. Massive
We are all working hard to support family and life.  I'm sure it is not just me but many of us sometimes wonder or worry about the what ifs.  As I now am old (ok maybe mature) I try not to stress about the unknown future.  It tends to usually always work out.  In my instance, the best way to not worry is to get out side and sweat.  Make the muscles and mind sore.  I promise you that if you get outside for an hour, get the heart rate up and make something of a goal - you will for that time NOT be concerned of the unknown future.  For me, i usually need to get into a zone, meaning putting some stress on the body where I'm having a good hurt (breathing hard, heart rate up, sweating and maybe having a hard time talking while in this zone).  

epic Ride - Holy Cross Crusher
It is hard, where do we find the time.  Where do i find the time to type this blog that some folks will read.  MAKE IT - your mind, body and soul will appreciate it.  Too many people suffer from bouts of worry and sadness - getting outside and sharing adventures with family and friends will help.  Cheers

mountain biking outside of Avon, Colorado