Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I just got a smart phone, well in November 2015

My flip phone still works but I finally broke down and purchased a smart phone, an Iphone 5s - not even the newest but it works fine for me. 

Yes - my trusty flip phone has been currently stashed in my bed side drawer.  I purchased a smart phone being that I wanted to have a camera handy at all moments and was tired of bringing a phone and music player with on any adventure.

I surely do not need to tell all of our readers about the pros and cons of a smart phone - you already have them - but WOW, it truly is a little computer in your hand.  I do miss my small flip phone but that is about it.
taken with my IPHONE, look at my SELFIE
I can see how it would be tough to go back to my flip phone (hated texting on it).  I now have a better understanding why at this point in time we have such a fasination with the selfie posts.  It is so easy to do and why not share with the world our new Tessa Clogs, what I had for dinner or my child's achievements.

This selfie, facebook, blogger, social media posts is a bit difficult for the inner hiding humble Benedictine soul surfer that I try to be but needing to be the more outgoing, salesman, business promoting, bragging person I sometimes come across as. 

I'm a child born in the late 60's - 1967 to be exact - I'm getting old but can still almost keep up with my kids.  My oldest is smarter (currently in Argentina participating in a Rotary Youth Exchange that we FaceTime on THE phone), my middle is a better climber (and brings math home that I am searching for answers on THE phone)and my youngest has more out going personality now then I will ever have (and shows me how to use THE phone).  It is a bit strange for me having this new technology but I love being able to document our families life with the camera that is always handy. 

I want to remind myself that my new smart phone is that - a phone - it is not a toy for me to ignore family, friends and the world.  It is my tool to get out in the world, use it to phone (message) and answer those that need be, take photos of our adventures and then be put away.

One of my top 5 movies - Ferris Bueller's Day Off - "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Now with my new smart phone - I will have photos to show that it was my family singing "Danke Schoen" on that float :-)

thanks for reading my ramblings.