Friday, February 28, 2014

Real Men wear Clogs Part 2 - I wear Tessa Clogs

Footwear - we all need it and use it.  I wear Tessa Clogs - I truly believe that our clogs will help your body by giving you support for your legs, knees and back.

All I can say is that I wear clogs every single day and am standing in them for at least 8+ hours a day.  I have flat flat feet.  No arch what so ever - take a look -

Now before you say anything about my feet - I was born this way.  This is not a condition that developed - and please don't sent me any weird emails talking about my flat feet.

I am showing my feet and my issues because almost all of us have some inconvenience (I say inconvenience because this is not a problem - a problem would be cancer).  My feet do talk to me and cry a bit when I am do anything without support for my flat friends. 

I have run 100 miles at one time (Leadville Trail 100 in 24 hours and 30 minutes with over 18,000 feet elevation gain), ski, climb, bike, hike, 46 years old and when I wake up in the mornings after years of physical activity I am sore.  I pretty much have clogs on right after I get out of bed until this body gets back in bed at night.

Are Tessa Clogs going to work for you - YES.  BUT - lets get real and look at the general population - the ones that are not wearing Tessa Clogs.

The general public abuse themselves with: smoking, over eating, over drinking and buying shit they don't need - grow up - life is short, don't abuse it.  These are the same people that tell me they can not wear a wooden sole and need a comfort shoe with 4 inches of pillow.  I hear crap like this all the time - my feet hurt, my back hurts, my knees hurt, blah, blah, blah - I can't wear wooden soled clogs.

Maybe loose a pound - maybe exercise - I don't know, maybe those flip flops that give ZERO SUPPORT - are contributing to the plantar facatis that you are experiencing.  Really - try something new for you - give clogs a try and I don't mean just putting them on your feet, wear them for a month.  Let your body get used to them and your body will love them.

We believe that we have the most comfortable stylish shoes - clogs - that a person can wear on your feet.  Not only are they hand painted here in Vail, Colorado, USA (not in China), made in Sweden (not in a sweatshop in China) they are truly a unique shoe/clog that will make you stand out for the mountain style and the ear to ear grin of comfort.

I am feeling a bit angry today with those people that tell me that they can not wear clogs - well - I wear Tessa Clogs.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We live HERE

I am by no means bragging but stating a fact - WE LIVE HERE.  HERE is a place that many people visit all times of the year.  I always remind myself and family that many people make sacrifices to come and spend time in our beautiful little gem spot in the world.  If you take a peek at any social media sites - people are sharing their adventures of their vacation time in Vail.  We on the other hand just share our everyday adventure being that WE LIVE HERE. 

Ski with School Day
Part of our ordinary everyday adventure - our public school district for those in K through 8th Grade - get 2 days during the winter to ski Vail or Beaver Creek.  Pretty Cool

Svea trying on her Tessa Clogs
What is difficult for our friends and family to understand is that we make sacrifices to live here.  These sacrifices that we sometimes argue and cry over are forgotten when we are living our everyday adventure.  These normal for us activities include skiing POWDER!  How do you describe a rainbow to a blind person or how would you explain skiing powder to those that can not. 

One of the best quotes that I read religiously is by Dolores LaChapelle -
One can never be bored by powder skiing because it is a special gift of the relationship between earth and sky. It only comes in sufficient amounts in particular places, at certain times on this earth; it lasts only a limited amount of time before sun or wind changes it. People devote their lives to it for the pleasure of being so purely played by gravity and snow.

As Warren Miller would say - if you don't move to the mountain this year, you will only be one year older when you do. 
Tessa taking her lunch break - ordinary life

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Desigual Spring 2014, New Arrivals and Sale Items!

For those of who have visited our shop in Lionhead, or maybe some online shoppers, you might have noticed our inventory of clothing is unlike any store in the valley. Tessa has a great eye for unique styles from brands like Desigual, Van Deurs, Cream, Asha, Kask and several more. As I have mentioned before, Tessa Clogs is the only shop in the United States that sells the Van Deurs clothing line.
Clockwise from top left: Desigual scarf, Black Viky skirt (also available in pink),
Summer Pant, Panu Bolas Scarf,  and Desigual Bambobay Scarf
 Desigual is based in Barcelona, Spain; its philosophy is based on positive, tolerance, commitment and fun. For the first time, Desigual presented a show at the New York Fashion Week, it was the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. When I see someone hesitant about Desiguals bright prints, I tell them to try it on. Most of their products are made with a combination of cotton and viscose, so it helps show off curves but hides things you don't quite want to show off. It is too often that the person who originally hesitated, can not wait to show off what she has tried on. She will throw the curtain to the side and say,"I can't believe I almost didn't give it try", and then proceed to try on a skirt and a few shirts as well. Please browse through our new arrivals for Desigual, and also check out the new sale items.
Clockwise from top left: Kask Longjohn, Rider Yellow Ski Socks, Purple Heli,
  Crew Base Layer,  Pink Turtle, Black Calle socks, and Kask google 
For those looking for something reasonable to wear in the cold, Kask supplies us with bright crochet hats, merino socks and base layers. Founded in 2001 by two guys who really enjoyed making hats for their friends and family, Kask has transformed into making base layers, socks, and goggles, and they continue to develop new products.
- M