Friday, May 18, 2018

Everybody needs Tessa Clogs

I notice a lot of my blog post are about time.  I guess I think more about this subject the longer that I'm on this merry go round.

Just today, there was a young couple that came into the store from NYC, NY.  We got to talking about life here in the mountains (slower pace) and their life in the city (the rat race keeping up with the joneses) .  Now I have only been to NYC once and what a town (can I call it a town) it is.  Amazing - the food, lights, traffic, people, sights, buildings, etc. - if you never have been there you need to go and visit.

I guess to get back on track, this young couple loves Vail.  "Why wouldn't you" I say.  "You are on holiday, hopefully you been able to put the phone away and enjoy our mountain lifestyle.  I think that to truly enjoy the mountain vibe and lifestyle you need a pair of our hand made Tessa Clogs made HERE in Colorado - just down the road - in Minturn to be exact!".

Well - it worked, they are taking a pair back to the city to wear and remember their special time in Vail.  Ahhh -  I did like visiting NYC, would I want to live there, no way - it is too busy for me.  Here in the mountains, we like to be able to stop, talk, ride our bike, ski, enjoy life/family and where work is there but other priorities are placed ahead.  We try to not look at our watches (or phones) being that TIME will always continue to move forward but those visits we spend with family and pushing ourselves up or down the mountains are priceless.

As it is the middle of May, Spring is finally here, snow has melted in town at 8,000 feet but we still have plenty up high (9,000 feet and higher).  Town is quite slow being that we call this time of year "mud season" as the snow melts.  It is a great time to visit for relaxation but activity wise you may be getting muddy as you hike or bike up in the higher elevations.  Kayaking/Rafting is starting to go off here as the rivers/creeks get higher as the snow melts.  For some, the skiing can be incredible but you have to hike for it.  Our family activity of choice is rock climbing.  I love to ride but not everyone in the family enjoys that but we all love to get out push ourselves physically and mentally on the sport climbs around the area.

Not sure for those that are reading - we did send out a spring email mailing showing off many styles of Tessa Clogs.  If you did not receive that and would like to be on our mailing list - do follow this link - Tessa Clogs Mailing List Sign Up - and get your information down so we can get you out the latest and greatest information.

Other ways to follow us is via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (which we post to almost less then our blog posts) or the old fashioned way being that we like to talk and type 970-476-8083,

Cheers and Hugs - Clog Guy

Friday, January 26, 2018

Clogs, Little People & Time

What is happening, 2 posts in 2 months - yep - we are trying.

I LOVE this photo.  This photo is from 10 years ago (wow - time has really gone by fast). 

I guess my point is - Little People can wear Tessa Clogs and yes, they do look CUTE in them.

A couple of quotes I love about time
per Warren Miller -
  • “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”
per Ferris Bueller - 
  • “Life move pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
Please - everybody - get out there now and enjoy this ride of life and take lots of photos