Sunday, December 8, 2013

Clogs Made in Sweden, Handpainted in Vail!

As the gift giving season starts consider this; how many of the gifts that you give are made in China?India?Mexico? What about something made in Sweden? Better yet, something in Vail, Colorado?
Swedish Christmas Stocking
I recently gifted my mother a pair of Tessa Clogs Black High Heels with the snap-strap. The clogs are made in Sweden, and hand painted by Tessa in Vail,Colorado. I am relieved that every holiday I can just send her a new pair of straps and maybe include some Cream leggings or Desigual printed socks. Recently added to the snap strap inventory are hand painted holiday themed straps, and hand painted Black High Heel Clogs.
Left to Right:
Black Christmas in Vail ,Black Vail Mountain ,Black Oil High Heel
Black Oil Lucia ,Black Christmas extrawide
For my sister who has been eyeing my mom’s new clogs, a pair of clogs for herself, some glӧgg, and Lele hand knit and embroidered hand warmers. I wasn't sure what glӧgg was when I first started working at Tessa Clogs last year, and as Christmas was approaching I noticed that it was flying off the shelves. Glӧgg is a mix of spices that you typically add red wine too, or for a non-alcoholic version you can add fruit juice. Glӧgg is great for something to sip on while sitting around the fire reminiscing or getting to know new people.
Glӧgg Concentrate ,Lele Love,Heart Arm Warmers
For my brother I will have to give him an assortment of Swedish chocolates, Ligonberry jam and of course chocolates. You can never go wrong with chocolates and at Tessa Clogs we have plenty of it! Caramelized almonds in milk chocolate, dark chocolate drizzled over whole hazelnuts, caramelized pistachio nuts in dark chocolate, caramel with a touch of sea salt, mint with milk chocolate, Lindt, Marabou, and of course an assortment of Toblerone.

Lastly, I will get myself that beautifully embroidered pillow; it is embroidered with bright threads on velvet fabric in pink, green, purple and dusty blue, and finally the Van Deurs tunic. Tessa Clogs is the only store in the United States that carries the Van Deurs line. Both the dress and the tunic would look great with some leggings and boots (check out Tessa’s Van Deur outfit here).
Van Deurs Tunic ,Beige Velvet Pillow

If you want to avoid the crowd visit our website, or come into the store and any one of the friendly associates here at Tessa Clogs can help you. I know what I am giving this holiday season, do you?