Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Clogs / Tessa Clogs and also Kask

I LOVE this photo -
Kask Ski Socks and custom painted Clogs - so COOL

I may not be a city fashion guy but I love the mountain lifestyle vibe that the clogs and ski socks portray.  This is us (well not in the photo but you get the idea) - working hard, playing when we can and wearing what works.
check out Kaj's clogs!
Kask - which started in the back of a van in 1996 by Sverre Liliequist  and Kaj Zackrisson, , has now evolved into a successful, growing company based in Sweden offering unique, cool looking clothing world wide. KASK clothing is designed for anyone who requires high quality, cool and functional gear. Wear it in the mountains and anywhere else you want to challenge your limits, in the skate-park or maybe at the dance floor.

With the end of the ski season nearing - we have put some of our Kask inventory that we have on SALE. 

Some hats - Heli, Martian - are no longer being made - get them now before they are all taken.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Classic - serving as a standard of excellence

simple, elegant, design, function, quality, beauty and test of time

Tessa Clogs in our Ultimate High - simple and elegant

Tessa Clogs in our Traditional Heel painted in our Red Malin Design - beauty and design staple for 20 years

Other ideas that I think of classics:  Campagnolo (Italian bicycle component manufacturer), Mora Clocks (Swedish grandmother clocks), Orrefors Intermezzo Blue (Swedish Crystal), Black Tux (Daniel Craig) and the Little Black Dress (Audrey Hepburn)

We here at Tessa Clogs believe in old-world values that make our products and service beloved by our faithful following that we are sometimes described as a soul instead of a brand.  In today's cost-cutting, outsourced business world this can be a bit of a problem for us.  As we all know, items made in China cost less then items made in the USA or in Sweden where our Tessa Clogs are manufactured.  

We continue to survive by targeting our customers that believe a product can be made in Sweden and sold at a fair price.  This is the opposite of the economic model that dominates in the United States right now - which is to use cheap, sourced out labor.  

We here at Tessa Clogs don't want to take over the world - we just want to make the best damn clog we can possibly make and be satisfied with a little profit and the end of the day.  This is how we have survived for almost 20 years now.  Get yourself a classic - Tessa Clogs