Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flowers and Inspiration

You may wonder sometimes where does Tessa get some of her great ideas. Well, she gets it from our natural surrondings every day. With the wild flowers just going off at their peak a few weeks ago, we took the family out for a short distance (but time wise around 4 hours with the little feet that joins us) hike. Along the way we took many photos of the flowers and tried to name them all. Good thing that our oldest, Axelina, had her flower book from her godfather (Hi Steve Holm!) with so we could name all the flowers we saw. The fun thing about our hike is that it is right out side our front door.

What is new here at Tessa Clogs - We just got back in a shipment of our Closed Back and Flex Clogs. They are made for us in the south of Denmark and the quality is FANTASTIC. I'm not sure how long we will have them in stock so definitly check them out and order yourself up a pair as soon as you can.

The end of July and here in the mountains we still have snow!? With our warm days here (mid 80's - I know that some of you folks are thinking mid 80's that is not hot) we have been thinking already of the coming ski season and so have some of our friends. If any family are friends are reading book your accomadations soon here in Minturn being that the house is filling up :-)! We were wonderfully suprised to hear that we have some of our closest friends from Sweden coming out to visit this winter so we are already looking forward to that.

Thanks again for reading and order your Tessa Clogs!