Thursday, April 11, 2013

End of the World/Season SPECIAL and we feel fine (well a bit sad)

that's great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane - Lenny Bruce is not afraid - do you know the song that we are humming to above - yes - R.E.M.s - It's the End of the World - I like this version from a favorite band of mine - Great Big Sea -

This is a posting that has been here before - the end of the ski season - the beginning of spring - the sadness and happiness associated with it all.  I went up for about 2 hours skiing around the mountain today and it was by no means a great day (dust on crust - or a little bit of powder on top of ice chunks) but it was lovely to be sliding around. 

To the few of your that read our blog - get your butts out to Vail to visit and play.  We are open year around and the spring and fall is where we have some GREAT DEALS.
End of the World/Season SPECIAL
End of the World/Season SPECIAL
As our End of the World/Season SPECIAL we will share with the public all of the new Cream and Desigual Clothing that just came in for Spring at the end of our ski season.

When you buy any full price Desigual or Cream clothing brands your 2nd piece is 50% off.  So not being a math wizard my daughter said - why don't you just give 25% off to everyone right away (wow she is quick) but my point is to move some inventory.  This special will only run through the end of April 2013.  We will do the same on clogs - buy 2 full price pair of Tessa Clogs, the first pair will be full price the 2nd pair will be half price.  At check out time just put in the notes "April Special" and we will make sure that you get the discount that you deserve.

Cheers all and Happy Spring and may everyone have snowy powder day dreams!