Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Three Little Models and One Big

I'm throwing up a picture of my three little models and also of my one big model. As you read this - if you have been in our store in Vail, Colorado - you know that we try to have a little something for everbody - young to mature, small to big and quiet to loud. So as you look at the new Mimi and Maggie line that our girls have on, do realize that we also have big girls clothing also. We are working on getting product from the store on our web site but we would always recommend coming to visit us in Vail to see what is new. What a great excuse to go skiing, climbing, sun tanning, and eating in our wonderful town of Vail. Come visit us and then you can enjoy all the other wonderful adventures that our little town has to offer - yeah - that is what you all need to do!
We just uploaded a discount code to our web site - snow - type in - snow - as you work your way through the check out process for free shipping. Sorry, did I mention that the code is - snow :-)
we only have this code up for the next week so please take advantage of it as soon as you can

For those of you that read and are web design savy - we are looking for some help with a revamp of our entire web site. Send us a line and let us see some of your work and let us know how we can continue to spread the word of Tessa Clogs throughout the world - contact me at chrisATtessaclogsDOTcom - thanks for reading