Monday, September 15, 2014

New Designs by Tessa at Tessa Clogs

When I met with Tessa to discuss what she was working on, she was eager to mention the fabric that she had bought. She described the different patterns and suggested how each one can compliment the other. I could tell the joy that Tessa was expressing would transfer into her skirts, known as Tessa Happy Skirts. This versatile skirt can be worn after a session at the gym, a class at the studio, or even at après; worn as something to throw over your base layer.Each skirt is unique and can vary slightly in length. The hem is set at a modest point, and the fabric choice compliments any body type.
Tessa Happy Skirt, Asha Clothing ON SALEAsha Skirt, Tessa Clogs at the Farmer's Market
Tessa’s Happy Skirt, is just one of the many distinctive items in the Swedish Clog Cabin. From the hand painted clogs, the straps, and Tessa clothing, Tessa’s talent shows through her many products. What I love about Tessa's designs is the personal touches of each item. In Tessa Hand Me Downs, each patch that is cut and then hand embroidered onto clothing. Just like the jeans, Tessa Hand Me Downs shirts, have the hand cut letters and patterns. Stay tuned to see the latest designs by Tessa.
Hand Me Downs; "I love Vail" Shirt, Skirt, and Embroidery on Jeans

- M