Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanks For Being Patient!

Hej Allihopa (hello everybody)!

I've mentioned it before, Life and priorities - family, work, religion, free time - the way we prioritise life is probably different then most folks. Take our blog for example, it is not hard to sit down and type but I always wonder who wants to read about our normal every day life relating to work and family. With these feelings of our average lifes, I will put off blog entries thinking that other work/family/free time issue may be more pressing. Today, Sunday, January 25, I was able to spend a little free (ski) time (between getting kids back and forth to climbing) with an old friend that mentioned he reads our blog and was able to keep up with what is happening with the Manning's. After hearing that somebody is reading (and having a college buddy tell me he also reads our blog BUT we need to get a new entry in) I decided to put this to the top of my things to do.

So - if any family is reading this - well the belated Christmas Cards I was hoping to get out as Martin Luther King cards - will just have to wait for the Valentines Day Christmas Family Cards - so it is (and do not hold your breath becuase it would not suprise me if it ends up to be July 4th Family Christmas Cards).

First off, we need to let everybody know how they can help the economy out. Spend some money on Tessa Clogs :-)

If you have been thinking about buying a pair of Tessa Snap Strap Clogs - now is the time to do it. For all Snap Strap orders now and up till the end of February:
  • buy one Tessa Snap Strap Clog - get a pair of extra straps for free (equal or lesser value)
  • buy one pair of snap straps - get one extra pair of straps for free (equal or lesser value)
  • please just write in the order notes "i read the clog blog" to receive your free straps

Other news with Tessa Clogs - we are working hard again for getting some more sandals ready for the spring and summer time. If you have some ideas of a Tessa Clog that you would like on your feet this summer, let us know, you never know, maybe we can make it up. Today, we have just added some sandals to our web site that are not available yet but we are taking pre orders on them.

Since we all talked in September - we have been on the road selling Tessa Clogs in Kansas City and in Houston. We welcomed a new addition to our store - Carolina from Argentina. She is GREAT. We also had an addition to our family - Shamus - a 3 month old Bernese Moutain Dog - what a cute handful this guy is. So it looks like the Minturn Manning's future lodging options may be limited. We do promise that we will have him trained soon but understand in the mean time we are cleaning up a lot of puddles.

Like almost everybody here in the USA, we have also had our share of challenges this winter but by no means problems just big inconviences. We know that we are in for a long winter metaphorically this year but hope that the sun will come out sooner then later. Life is short, we are going to keep are skis waxed for this long winter and just try to keep smiling.

peace and hope for 2009