Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celebrities Wearing Clogs, Men Wearing Clogs, who wears clogs?

People often associate clogs as folkloric footwear, but some types of clogs are considered as fashion wear, such as Swedish clogs.
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 You can spot many celebrities in these comfortable, yet fashionable shoes. From the Olson twins, Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus, to Sean P. Diddy Combs. Clogs aren't limited to the boho casual types, nor are they limited to one gender, or age, they are a versatile shoe that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Not to mention the many professionals who work on their feet all day, including chefs, doctors and nurses.
Clockwise from top left; Casual clog wear, Chris Manning wearing Black,
Model on Runway, Black, Male wearing clogs-street style, Brown Mountain Oil
Chris Manning, co-owner of Tessa Clogs and the Swedish Clogs Cabin, wears the clogs daily and swears by their reliable comfort and durability. Noting their aren't too many people who realize that Tessa Clogs also sells men's clogs, Chris dedicated a blog titled, "Real Men Wear Clogs". 

From top; Red Zin Decorative nail, Black Oil, Brown Oil Decorative Nail
From Karl Lagerfield, MaxMara, Chanel,  Louis Vuitton and many others, the stapled high heel clogs seem to keep appearing on the runways. Inspired by this trend Tessa has added decorative nails to her high heel collection. What a simple change can do to an already loved clog, the stapled high heels come in black and brown oil as well a oxblood or merlot color. Tessa clogs even contributed to a runway show in Sweden for Höllviken in 2011.
From top left; Snake Print, Brown Oil, Navy Blue Klara, Red Pirate. Brown Oil Becky,
 Tessa and Kids, Biking with clogs, Hiking with clogs, and climbing with clogs
Parents weary of their toddlers in clogs need to only look at Tessa and Chris' three children, who have grown up wearing them. The whole family lives an active lifestyle; camping, climbing, skiing, etc., and they can be found wearing clogs while participating in some of them. You can check out a previous post by Chris Manning regarding biking in clogs.

There you have it; celebrities in clogs, men wearing clogs, models wearing clogs, and toddlers and kids wearing clogs. If you don't believe that these are indeed stylish and comfortable, stop by the store and also check out our new arrivals!


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