Friday, November 22, 2013

We LOVE Winter!!!

First off - I am sorry for not keeping all of our fans aware of what is going on in the clog blog world.

Second - Winter is Here!  Vail Ski Mountain is now open for the 2013-14 ski season.  We will not be making it up on the slopes for a few more days but it is a holiday today for those that can.

Speaking of Holidays, they are right around the corner - we are sending out today a new email with wonderful goodies - if you are not on our email list - sign up here and/or send us a quick note at to let us know you want our latest news.

Swedish Mountain Fashion
My Colorado Mountain Ladies
Our family above is sporting items that can all be found at our store in Vail at Swedish Clog Cabin or on line @  Tessa is wearing a new line by a Danish company called van Deurs (we are the only store in the USA carrying this line) matched up with our Brown Oil Boot Zoe.  Our oldest daughter is wearing a Natural Life T-Shirt paired with our High Heel Leopard Clogs.  - Our middle daughter is wearing our Brown Mountain Malin Clogs with a Tessa Designs Top and Skirt (made and designed here in Vail, Colorado).  Our youngest daughter is wearing a Mimi & Maggie Dress  (Tabitha Peasant Dress) and our Blue Zoe Clogs.

Sad news - our lovely Berner - Shamus - has cancer - so his experation date is sooner than most.  He is in great spirits but the tumor on his jaw makes him look like junk yard beast or the Cujo clone.  The photo below is from back in September and he is still looking close to normal.  We are giving him all our love, prayers and hope but not sure how much longer we will have his company. sucks

Thanks so much for reading.  I will leave you with a taste of my Halloween costume that I wore at a black light climbing competition - I actually won the award for best costume (and not my climbing).  Cheers

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