Sunday, March 16, 2014

How do you wear your Clogs?

People often assume that Tessa Clogs can only be worn in the summer. Not only do I see local residents of Vail wearing them all year long, I often look online and see an abundance of people enjoying their clogs in the colder months as well. It is there on the pages upon pages of pictures that I look for my inspiration. It is right about this time, that I get annoyed with winter for limiting my wardrobe to pants, boots, and a coat. With the weather getting warmer, sometimes reaching up to the 60°, I want to celebrate. Although I do enjoy winter, I just love the summers here in Vail!
Some inspiring photos, Clockwise from top left: Man with cuffed pants and Brown Oil clogs,
Becky Black oil boots, Man in jeans and clogs, Brown Mtn Ski, Clogs with socks,
Wardrobe inspiration with Ultimate High, Black clogs with socks, Stapled clogs
 After grabbing my lighter clothes out of storage, I decided that today (with bluebird skies and a projected high of 40°) I would throw on some tights, a jacket  my cream slip dress and my pair of ultimate high stapled clogs. After coordinating it all with a pair of painted flower snap straps and my black Dala Horse necklace, I realized that it was I who had been limiting my wardrobe in the cold months.
Local Inspiration, clockwise from left; Tessa Manning in Van Deurs dress and Zoe boots,
Chris Manning in Black Clogs, Me in Ultimate high clogs,
Local in clogs, Svea in Nordic Clogs, Tessa in Ultimate High and HandMeDown jeans
Locals who have experienced the advantages of owning a pair of Tessa Clogs, are also my inspiration. I have sold clogs to many who just want something comfortable to slip on after they get out of their boots, and to take the dog out real fast. Something that they can walk around in all day running errands, wear to dinner as well as work. One of the most popular trends that I see is locals wearing their clogs and cuffing their pants. I am not sure why the pants are cuffed, nor do I think there really has to be a reason, it simply something that I see locals doing. Pairing their cuffed jeans with a puffy jacket and they are ready to go.
If you get stuck on what to pair with your unique clogs, just surf the web. You can find a way to wear them with tights, knee socks, cuffed pants, shorts, skirts.. well you catch my drift. You can continue to check out the blog for inspiration as well, previous posts by Chris Manning can inspire men who like to wear clogs and our website has Tessa Manning in some coordinated outfits with her hand painted clogs.
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