Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tessa Clogs and Natural Life

The founder and CEO of Natural life, Patti Hughes, has a lot in common with Tessa Clogs owner Tessa Manning. They both had a knack for creating things and soon turned that into a business. Patti was influenced by her mother who would hand make gifts to sell to neighbors and friends. Once Patti found her interest in photography, she would print the pictures on magnets and make handmade frames. Soon she was selling her handcrafted items in stores including Tessa Clogs.
From Top left; Natural Life; Hemp BagLounge Pants,
Natural Life assorted itemsJewelry
Natural Life includes clothing, jewelry, accessories for the home, and gifts. "Give.Love.Laugh", the companies tagline is further described by Hughes in an Interview for FolioWeekly; "We make stuff girls love with a free spirit, style and love to inspire girls of all ages."
From top left: Natural Life; Assorted items, Camper Mug,
Apron tote, Wrist let
Natural Life's boho style accessories and clothing appeal to people of all ages. I noted this as I was at the register when an older women came in to purchase a Natural Life wrist let with a flower embroidered on the front. As I was ringing it into the register I mentioned it would make a great gift, was it someones birthday? "No", she replied, " I really enjoyed the flower and always seem to loose things in my purse, I think this one suites me just fine." A few hours earlier a young girl decided on that same wrist let to be her first purse to carry the few dollars she was allowed. Proof that Natural Life really is suitable for all ages!
From top left clockwise: Natural Life; Ski Charms, Assorted necklaces,
To inspire creativity, Tessa Clogs now carries Natural Life's stamped Charms. You can select a necklace, bracelet or key chain then add charms to customize it to your personal style. Charms that read, "Born to Ski", "Best Friends," "Soul", Skiing" and many, many more! Stop by the store so you can make your custom souvenir charm jewelry and to check out our other specialty items!


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