Saturday, October 25, 2014

Celeb Favorite, Ultimate High Clogs, New Arrivals at Tessa Clogs

In my previous blog, Celebrities Wearing Clogs, you can see celebs wearing high heeled clogs. At Tessa clogs, she has worked to expand her Ultimate High clog collection, similar to the celeb favorites. The wood chosen for the sole was reconsidered for a more strong durable one.  She has added staples, similar to the clogs worn by models on the runway. Also, added to the Ultimate High collection, more colors and textures!

From Top: UH Pink Cow, UH Silver Pewter, UH Dark Brown, UH Fishscale

In my post, New Clog Member, I explain to you why I adore the Ultimate High Clog, and the story of my first pair. In addition to my powder blue Tessa Clogs, last winter I purchased a pair of Black Oil Ultimate High. With the first sign of sun, I broke out my new clogs and paired them with tights and a cream dress. For more inspiration, check out, How Do You Wear Your Clogs? It gives you a few ideas of how to get the most out of your clogs this season.

From Left: New Clog MemberUH Texture Orange, UH Hunter/Olive GreenHow Do You Wear Your Clogs?,
Brown and White CowCow on Acid,  Black OilBurnt Orange Cow

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