Friday, November 1, 2019

Winter is here - NOT ready for it

Most of you know, we live at 8,000 feet, here in the central mountains of Colorado.  Snow comes early and lasts late.  If you don't like snow, you better not be living here.

It is now November 1st, our yard is covered - truly and Really.?.  We love snow, we love to play, ride and ski in it.  BUT - I don't like snow when it comes in October and last till April.  Most of you also know, we like to be outside - I like to ride bikes and it is pretty darn tough to ride when the snow is on the road - heck, you can't even really run once the snow hits the trails unless you don't mind running in mud constantly. 

Wow - 1st world problems here.  Boo Hoo - we have to deal with weather :-)

We had all of the family home and together last night - that doesn't happen very often as time keeps rolling on.  But it was only a night as today, 2 have peeled off to hit the desert in UT and participate in a off road running race in Moab.  3 of us are here together for one more day, then 1 will peel away back to college which leaves 2 of us.  I and the middle daughter will still be around and trust me, will find something to do - not sure what - baking?  I don't think it'll be running being that middle daughter still has cross country running going on. 

I like beer.  Yep - a simple sentence with a period.  I have to say as I was picking up our oldest in

Denver yesterday - I stopped at the Bierstadt Lagerhaus.  All I will say is - everybody needs to find this place and try a Slow Pour Pills.  Truly and Absolutely Delicious - if a picture is worth a 1000 words well check my fresh tasty didn't last very long and get me another Slow Pour Pills.  Interesting enought - it takes about 6 minutes for this beer to be poured so if your thirsty, you need to order another one as soon as you get your first. 

Cheers Everybody -

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