Thursday, August 19, 2010

Loyal Customers and our Blog

One of my best friends (and smartest), Steve H, has reminded me that it is good to stay current and up to date on our Clog Blog.
  • I know that you have the on-line store but if you can also have elements on your site that change (i.e. clog blog) thats the key for your loyal customers. They will keep coming back. You can even keep the changing elements not so much store bases as to news/activitity in Vail.

Steve - thanks for that reminder and you have been awarded the picture of the day. A little background about our friendship and photo. We have been friends for over 20 years first meeting at St. John's, then being room mates in 1988 & 89 and is the god father of our oldest daughter. We have stayed in touch over the years (Steve - thanks for being the driving force with your emails and calls) and usually get the families together once a year. This photo is from the boys night out celebrating our 20 year reunion up at SJU. Everytime I see it I break out laughing! This photo taken from behind the pine curtain will always remind us of SJU and the H1N1 epidemic of 09. Steve - thanks for the great memories and friendship - we hope to see the family again soon!

For those that read our blog - also a big thank you. I'll keep the camera handy and let you know about the happenings around our Happy Valey here in Colorado.

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