Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is short, HAVE FUN NOW

Carpe Diem - Sieze the Day - Make Your Lives Fun -
Being here in the mountains of Colorado, sure does not mean that we are not in the rat race just like everybody else in the world. We are just like you - waking, eating, getting kids ready, working, stressing, paying bills, trying to save money (for the car that just broke down, for the kids, for ?), thinking what are we going to do for supper, clean (well don't stop by our house being that this is not at the top of our priorities) getting kids to sleep and starting the whole process over again. BUT - in that mess of priorities we are finding time to play and smile.

Yes - that is what I'm talking about - smiling and making sure that we are having fun becase life is short.

Why am I ranting on about the above - well a lady from New Jersey was in the store the other day and we got to talking. Just like us, they are busy with the same stresses above but with the added pressures of communting to THE CITY - 1.5 hours each way. Ouch. Sorry, I do not think that I could do that but I know many folks that do. The reason for bringing this whole subject up of HAVING FUN is that this lady thought that our grass was looking a little greener here in Colorado. Maybe it is, Maybe it is not. All I could say was - HELL YES - I love living here but I would be trying to have just as much fun where ever I was living.

So next time we are all bumming out on our lives, take a minute and do something that a kid would do. Put your arms out and fly like an airplane, make a funny face, take a trip out to see us in Vail, get some personalized Tessa Clog service and maybe even some face shots on the mountain.

Now - it has been a cold and snowy January, it is one of the biggest snowy January's that I remember (Tessa and I have been in Vail since 91). The photos here are some FUN TIME skiing back to Minturn. Click on the photos, I think that you will see some smiles in those faces. If you get a message when your trying to give us a call, we may be out getting some SMILE TIME.


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