Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tessa Clogs in Houston, TX

Wow - sorry everybody for not getting in here for the past month. We know that everybody is busy so that is no excuse but we have done a little traveling selling Tessa Clogs. Has anybody ever driven from Colorado to Houston Texas - if you have not, I'll tell you it is a LONG DRIVE. We were in Houston the second week of November selling Tessa Clogs at the Nutcracker Market inside the Reliant Center. It was our first real time in Texas and you folks down there are SO NICE! A great big hug to all of you in Houston that treated us so nicely. I guess we will need to go back next year for another visit but we still think the best place to buy Tessa Clogs is at our store - Swedish Clog Cabin in Vail, Colorao.
Just to share with all of you that love Tessa Clogs - the most popular for us in Texas was by far any of our animal/cow hides. They just would not stay on the shelf. Otherwise it was pretty much a toss up with all the other styles that we brought. So if you are walking in the southern part of Texas this winter and you see a pair of clogs on some feet, they just may have been purchased at the Nutcracker. So we hope to see all of you ladies back in Houston next year!

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